Declutter Challenge



We are so glad you are here. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, you’ve come to the right place. This page houses each of the 31 posts in our challenge. Be sure to bookmark this page to refer back to!


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Printable Calendar

Day 1 Bills and Paperwork

Day 2 Lids and Covers

Day 3 Servingware

Day 4 Socks and Underwear

Day 5 Spices

Day 6 Shoes

Day 7 Books

Day 8 Command Center

Day 9 Car

Day 10 Medicine Cabinet

Day 11 Pots and Pans

Day 12 Emails

Day 13 Junk Drawer

Day 14 Bakeware

Day 15 Hot Spot

Day 16 Utility Closet

Day 17 Digital Photos

Day 18 Linens

Day 19 Bathroom Counter

Day 20 Under Bathroom Sink

Day 21 Home Office

Day 22 Pantry

Day 23 Kids Artwork

Day 24 Above the Fridge

Day 25 Under the Kitchen Sink

Day 26 Clothes

Day 27 Hot Spot

Day 28 Inside the Fridge

Day 29 Hot Spot

Day 30 Mail

Day 31 Wrap Up


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