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Declutter Challenge {Day 30} Mail

Paper clutter is a huge struggle for most families! At this point in our Challenge, we should have a pretty good system for all of our paperwork. We have decluttered our bills and paperwork and our home office already, and created a command center. So, today should be a pretty simple task to complete.

The best way to keep all that mail clutter from getting out of control is to create a workable system that ensures no important letters in bill (literally) slip the cracks. I find that immediately dealing with the junk mail keeps that clutter at bay, for the most part. Then, I collect any important mail that comes in the house in a designated spot. 

Declutter Challenge Mail

Day 30: Mail


  1. We are going to deal with the mail that has already accumulated first. Gather and sort mail into two piles – trash and keep. Immediately discard and shred any mail that needs to be trashed. Then, spend time getting caught up on your keep pile.
  2. You likely already have a recycle station set up – use that to immediately dispose of junk mail and catalogs daily.
  3. Create a place where your ‘keep’ mail will go. This could be in your command center, which would be a great place. You will look at this every day, so it will be a great reminder to keep your mail uncluttered.
  4. If you find you receive a lot of catalogs in the mail, take some time to call these companies and unsubscribe. You really don’t need all those anyway, right?
  5. Decide right now that you will have a day and time each week to go through your ‘keep’ mail and deal with it right away, or file it in the proper place. That way, your pile won’t accumulate and you may actually save money and time in the future!


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