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How To Become a Modere Social Marketer With the Fastest Growing Team

If you’re reading this you’ve probably heard a little bit about Modere and are wondering if becoming a Modere Social Marketer could be a good fit for you.


Modere is a 30-year-old clean + healthy lifestyle brand who flipped their business model to Social Retail 5 years ago. Some people have questioned the change, but it has been hugely successful, for good reason. It is reassuring to know this company is stable, but seeing HUGE momentum right now.


The company is entering into momentum phase – the phase in the life of a network marketing company where the growth is exponential & when most millionaires are made. It is THE best/ideal time to join a network marketing company.


What Is Modere?

Mōdere has a wide line of nontoxic, clean living lifestyle products (120+) including the following:

  • Liquid BioCell Collagen
  • Logiq Creamer & Coffee
  • Clean, Nontoxic household and personal care
  • Fat Loss Supplements
  • Health & Wellness Supplements
  • The only EWG certified oral care line
  • Performance/fitness line
  • Revolutionary Hormonal Supplement Line
  • and more on the way

Modere has clean versions of everyday products you and your customers are already spending money on elsewhere (Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc.), as well as patented products you can’t get anywhere else!

A wide range of lifestyle products lends itself to a broad customer and potential business partner base. You can choose to share the products that most authentically fold into your life! If you aren’t a fan of something or you don’t use a product, don’t share it!


Before I share more about becoming a Social Marketer with Modere, let me tell you a little about me. I know you have a choice in who you partner with and I want to make sure we are a good fit.


A Little About Me:

I’ve been building online businesses for over 10 years now, and have worked hard to learn how to create success and show others how to do the same. I am a homeschooling mom to 8 and I love reading, planning, personal development, organizing, and being home with my family.

I consider myself a blogger first, although I was in the network marketing space years before becoming a blogger. I left my previous company when my ideals and goals no longer aligned with what I was doing. I thought I would leave the network marketing space forever, and focused solely on blogging. I did just that for awhile, but believe it or not, I missed network marketing. I truly believe network marketing/social selling is where you can obtain true financial and time freedom, especially as a busy mom. I am grateful for the years I focused solely on blogging, because it gave me a fresh perspective in marketing, affiliate marketing, social media, branding, seo, and more.

I learned so much as a professional blogger, and decided to carry that knowledge over into a new adventure. I am now able to teach other women how to build successful businesses, while raising families and being authentic. I am so passionate about this; I truly believe that if you have the desire, you can be successful with Modere. There’s no such thing as messaging your old high school friends or reaching out to twenty new contacts a day. It’s so refreshing!

Before I jumped into the business side of Modere, I was actually a customer for 3 years. I had seen a friend of mine say that I could get the only EWG certified toothpaste for free, and I was interested. Natural, affordable toothpaste is hard to find!

My friend’s response was that she had actually just partnered with the company who produced it, so she was going to:

  1.  invite me to a group,
  2. tag me in some info where I could learn more (I ended up seeing a ton of other clean living products I wanted to try without her ever having to post about them!), and
  3. message me to follow up with her affiliate link for the exact product giving me a $10 discount (making the toothpaste free) if I was interested.


Amazing! Being business minded, I was immediately impressed with the ease of the business model, but I wasn’t looking for an opportunity yet. I wish I had been! 


In the group I watched this video on the difference between MLM and Social Retail, and one or two others within the private group to give me a feel for the incredible team culture & leadership!

I saw a model for people looking to supplement their income from home, or wherever they needed to be, all online. Truly, working from their phones.

No inventory, 3- way calls, home parties, spamming about product all over social media or cold messaging!



Modere is ahead of the curve in implementing a duplicatable system that follows global trends in the social media space!



How To Start As A Modere Social Marketer:

Here are the simple steps to get you set up as a Modere Social Marketer on our team:

Step 1: 

Click HERE to start.


( If you would like for me to be your sponsor & mentor, please make sure you see my name listed when you enroll.  You can also email me at jashcommunity@gmail.com. I currently support team members in the US, Australia, Europe, and Canada!)


Step 2: 

Click “Join” at the top right and select your essential pack to get started with us.

The annual Social Marketer fee, which includes both apps and websites you’ll need to run your business, is only $39.99. This will be automatically added to your cart. You choose your first product order.

The XM Launch Packs are definitely the best bang for your buck to get started with product to authentically share! They come with $200 in Live Clean Product credit, and a ticket to Modere’s Annual Social Retail Conference. XM packs are also a qualification requirement in order to earn a Modere Experience (your choice of an iWatch, iPad, weekend getaway, or shopping spree!). There are kits at a lower price point as well, but they do not come packed with as much additional value as the XM Launch Packs. You also have the option to add items a la carte to create your own first order! If you are serious about building a business, I highly suggest joining with an XM Experience! 

Step 3:

Select your Smart Ship order of 75 points or more to qualify for commission. I recommend setting it for the 1st of the month (the month after you sign up will be the first time you’re actually charged!) I have 8 household items that we use most often (hand wash, toothpaste, shampoo, dish soap etc) – but have never actually paid out of pocket for it as we earn Live Clean Product credits in addition to commissions through our sales!



Step 4:

When that’s all done, I’ll receive a text that you’re part of our team! Please send me a friend request on Facebook (Terryn Winfield)  or on Instagram asap, so that I can then get you plugged into our amazing community & step-by-step training, including our proven Launch Plan to get you off to a successful start!! Welcome and congrats!



Why Build a Social Retail Business with Modere?

Here’s some more info to help you decide if this business is right for you.


1.Built-in Referral System.

This is at the heart of Social Retail. Referrals are an essential part of building a residual income with ease versus constant hustle with any company, and Modere has a genius system set up to benefit both customers AND social marketers!!! Customers and social marketers receive a Share The Love affiliate link. When that link is shared by a customer, they give their friend $10 off, and they get $10 in product credit toward their own Modere order! Occasionally, our code doubles for $20 off, which is crazy). This is the same system used by brands like Stitch Fix, Gilt, and Uber to generate customers through social referrals.

Modere Social Marketers are paid the exact same way on all referral purchases INFINITE lines (if your friend, shares with their friend, and that friend shares with her friend, and so on – you get paid for ALL of those sales!!). Customers love the chance to earn their products for a discount or possibly even free each month, and social marketers benefit by making commissions from those purchases as well! See the magic in this??


2. Customer-Centered. 

Because of the referral system, and customers who LOVE Modere products, 85% of Modere’s revenue comes from actual customer sales. This is incredible! In most companies, you will see a large percentage of revenue come from the marketers or ambassadors. In Modere we have a 10:1 customer to marketer ratio! Our job is to share about products we love and point people to a retail website where they can snag some for themselves and get product credits for sharing with their friends.


3. Daily Pay

Not only does Modere have a dual-sided compensation plan where you can choose whether or not you would like to build a team or just focus on sharing from Modere’s product line and building a customer pod, but sales are also paid out in TWICE DAILY PAY! When a customer makes a purchase, you are paid that day!


4. Affiliate Marketing 

You likely see people sharing links all over social media these days. Now we all get to link in IG stories, which has changed the game for so many! Sharing our Modere links is NO different! That’s why you’ll see bloggers and influencers joining Modere, because they see the beauty of adding another stream of income to what they already share! Because there is no team building required, this is possible!


Our team is like nothing I have ever seen before. We have “Family Meetings” where we are prayed for, and celebrated and encouraged. We are all part of a bigger movement, not just here for titles and ranks – although that happens daily!

Watch one of our Family Meetings here and let me know if you can see yourself as part of this. I have another that I would love for you to watch, but you’ll need to email me (jashcommunity@gmail.com) to grab the link for that one.


I hope this article gave you a great idea of what you can expect from partnering with Modere, me, and my team. Whether you are looking to replace a full-time income, or to add an additional stream of income through sharing clean living products through affiliate marketing on social media – we welcome you!

When you are ready to become a Modere Social Marketer simply click right here to sign up and make sure to find me on Facebook so I can get you started!







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