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Hey mama! Welcome to my little corner of the world! If you are new here, I am a homeschooling mom to 8 children. We just finished up our twelfth year of homeschool, which is so hard to believe! I absolutely remember the overwhelm and nervous excitement in my first year. I had no intention of homeschooling and no idea what I was doing! But by God’s grace, here we are all these years later and I can confidently say that homeschooling has been the best decision we have made for our family over the years. 


If you are new to homeschooling, I know what you are likely feeling. Take a breath, and then another. YOU CAN DO THIS. You are absolutely the best teacher for your child. It will take time to find your groove and you will likely change homeschool curriculum more times than you can count. But, that is all part of the journey!


This page was created to make your job a little bit easier. You’ll find numerous resources and tips and encouragement all in one place. I will continue to add to this page as I create content for homeschool moms.



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PLEASE NOTE: you do NOT need to do everything listed on this page! Please don’t! Bookmark or Pin this page and use this as a guide and take from it what you want. You know your children better than anyone on the internet ( or in person, for that matter). You don’t need to join all the groups and co-ops and read all the books and research all the things. Trust me when I say these things will come. You will piece together what an ideal homeschool looks like for your family, and that will be the best one. 



to learn about your state’s legal requirements for homeschooling. Homeschooling is regulated by the state, not the federal government. You will need to look up the specific requirements for your state, as each state is different. Some states treat homeschools as private schools, some states have very specific homeschool regulations and some states have no requirements at all. In my state, homeschooling is regulated by each individual town.  Start here.


  • Find and join a local homeschool support group in your area.

Most states have homeschool groups that offer support, encouragement, resources, and a great sense of community. We have been able to join co-ops and various classes throughout the years and my children have participated in father daughter dances, scouts, and more. You may have to do some digging to find local homeschool groups, but they are there!

  • Start to research various homeschool methods.

There are soooo many methods, so this can lead you down a long rabbit hole! When I first started homeschooling, I was very drawn to the Classical Education method. I have since leaned slightly more Charlotte Mason and eclectic but still have my classical roots. The most important thing for you to know right now is that homeschooling is not public school at home. I treated it as such when I first started and I wish I knew then what I now know! I had my little six year old in a desk drilling math facts with him until he cried. That is not what homeschooling is about! We have the freedom to choose how our homeschool looks. Take some time to just enjoy being with each other and out of the typical school environment before you jump in head first. It will also help if you try to figure out your child’s learning style and your teaching style. 

  • Research Homeschool Curriculum.

This is the part that many homeschool moms love! However, it can easily be a source of overwhelm and frustration. We tend to get that “shiny new curriculum syndrome” when we see what Sally is using in her homeschool. Remember that Sally’s children are not your children, and what works for hers may not work for yours. It’s always a blessing to get inspiration from other moms, but know when to hold back. I have a huge list of Curriculum Reviews right here in one place for you, with more being added. Check out Wading Through The Curriculum Series. 


  • Get your hands on some Homeschool Books.

I don’t know many homeschool moms who don’t share a love of reading. We love books! If you take a look on Instagram, we are always sharing homeschool books with each other! Even as a veteran homeschool mom, I still get encouraged when I pick up a new homeschool book. They can bring a renewed sense of purpose and reassurance that can sometimes get lost in all the noise. I read a couple every summer, to prepare for the upcoming homeschool year. Here is a great list of Homeschool Books to start with.

  • Grab some Free Printables For Homeschool Moms.

Who doesn’t love some free printables? And printables designed specifically to help moms organize at the start of a school year? Yes please! This 10 Days of Homeschool Printables series will help you organize your home and your homeschool!

  • Start All The Homeschool Planning!

Here we go! You have researched and hopefully taken some time to breathe and relax before you start. Now we get to plan all the things! Here is everything you need to plan your homeschool year in only 10 days! And yes, there’s some printables too! You’ll learn how to create a mission statement for your homeschool, how to stick to a budget, how to choose curriculum and more. Also check out this Simple Homeschool Planner that I created and use year after year in my homeschool. It is undated, so you print it out each year and as you need.

  • Create A Homeschool Schedule That Works.

Some of us thrive on schedules and some of us don’t. I tend to create a loose schedule now – more of a routine. I enjoy having something planned out on paper, but I also plan for flexibility. There have been some seasons where schedules and routines completely fly out the window, but I enjoy having something I can refer back to when things calm down again. Take a look at how to create a schedule for your homeschool and see what you can implement from it in your own homeschool.

  • Shop For Homeschool Supplies.

I love shopping for school supplies, don’t you? I stock up on supplies during the typical back to school season and that usually lasts me through most of the year. Here is a great Homeschool Supply List that you can refer to. Happy Shopping!



Welcome to the Homeschool Community, mama! You are giving your children such a gift! Homeschooling has been challenging, but incredibly rewarding. Remember, you won’t know everything when you are first starting out. You won’t even know everything when you are ten years in! The beauty of homeschooling is we get to learn right alongside our children. Homeschooling stretches us in ways we could never anticipate. Stay connected to other homeschool moms and ask questions. The most important thing you can do for your child (and for you!) is to instill a true love for lifelong learning in them. That will take them so much further than any textbook!


how to start homeschooling