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What We Used To Naturally Treat a Respiratory Virus

After two years, the time finally came when my family was struck with the virus that the world has been obsessing over. Before I tell you how we managed, you should know that we are a family of ten, with 8 children ages 17 down to one. Our ten year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in January of 2021, so we have basically been in quarantine for a year. We have a prayer group dedicated to her journey and I frequently share on Instagram as well.


With our daughter’s immune system being severely compromised, we did everything we could to avoid getting sick during her first year of treatment. Unfortunately with this newest strain, we couldn’t avoid it. When my oldest child started having symptoms, I didn’t give in to panic. I felt confident that I had prepared as well as I could, and this was just our time. I asked for prayers for our family, especially Scotlyn, and went to work doing what I could.


This new strain, Omicron, seems to be more mild than previous strains. That may be due to the fact this is more of an upper respiratory virus than a lower. I will say that if the media wasn’t what it was and we weren’t told to fear this virus, I wouldn’t have thought this any more than a common cold.


I know many people are not as fortunate as our family was during this. I do not mean to minimize this virus in the slightest. But I do want to share what our family used to get us through this virus and hopefully encourage you not to fear, just prepare as best you can.


Please note that I am not a medical professional and none of this advice is intended to take the place of your trusted family medical professional.



How Our Family Got Through Omicron:


I had contacted Americas Frontline Doctors before we were even exposed. You can set up a telephone interview and request a package of items from the doctors there. You do have to pay, but it wasn’t unreasonable. They sent Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and jhkjsv. We actually did not end up using the HCQ, but were happy to have it on hand.




Quercetin – 500 MG, 2-3x daily

Liposomal Vitamin C – to bowel tolerance, and then taper down

Raw Vitamin D – 40,000 to 50,000 IU daily

Raw Zinc – 50 IU daily


Liquid Collagen



Pure Essential Oils – It is extremely important you use only pure essential oils. I only recommend DoTERRA, even though I have tried many other brands. I have multiple highlights dedicated to using essential oils safely as well as a separate Instagram account for those interested.

Diffuser – you will want to diffuse your essential oils constantly, so make sure you have at least one diffuser.

Pineapple Juice – there is research out there that says pineapple juice is good for respiratory viruses, so make sure to look that up and decide if you will incorporate it.


If you know me at all, you know I am a firm believer in preventive care. It is much harder to naturally treat any illness when you have not been taking care of yourself from the beginning. Diet plays an instrumental role in your health. We all get sick, but you are essentially ahead of the game if you start out with a diet low in sugar and carbohydrates, and full of anti-inflammatory foods. I follow a mostly keto diet and my children are low carb/paleo.

It is especially important to avoid sugar and dairy and limit carbohydrates when you are sick. 


My children who can’t swallow pills use this Vitamin C in powder (mix with water or pineapple juice) and this unflavored Liquid Zinc.



I take liquid collagen daily and continued to take the Immune collagen while sick. You can see more info on the difference between powder and liquid collagen along with more info in my collagen highlight. The Immune version adds elderberry, zinc and 13 phytonutrient-rich superfoods to bolster your immune system and support respiratory and cardiovascular health.

My whole family drank Phytoreds, PhytoGolds, and PhytoGreens each day while sick, and continue to after. We just mix them together in water and drink up. They taste so good together. You could also choose to mix them in a smoothie, but I was aiming for as little work as possible while under the weather. Phytos support key functions critical to wellness, including digestive health, heart health, immune health, joint health, vitality, energy and antioxidant capacity. Another idea would be to mix them with a packet of Revitalize. You’ll be getting a boost of natural energy without caffeine and replenishing 7 essential minerals and 70+ trace minerals.

By this point, I think we all know how much our gut health affects our immune system. Focusing on gut health is crucial for everyone. We take Trebiotics daily and made sure not to miss a day while sick. You can pour it onto your collagen, mix it in a smoothie, take it with a scoop of nut butter…however you want. They are tasteless little beads that provide a crunch and pack a punch. This is prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics all in one.


Save by bundling the phytos and trebiotic together here. 


Essential Oils:

Essential oils are a main part of our natural medicine cabinet, and have been for many years. I grab essential oils before anything else. They are the things that have changed our family’s health and wellness the most dramatically over the years. We constantly diffused immune boosting oils and oils known to support the respiratory system. Please reach out personally to me if you need help getting started with essential oils. You can email me or find me on Instagram.


Immune system –  OnGuard, Frankincense ( applied diluted on spine, soles of feet, diffused)

Coughs –  Breathe (diffused, applied to soles of feet, made into a chest rub, or prediluted rollers)

Aches and Pains – Deep Blue (we use the prediluted rollers)

Fevers – Peppermint or Lemon (applied diluted down spine) Read how I naturally manage fevers at home here.

Emotional Support – Balance or Serenity (diffused and applied to pressure points)



Earthley Supplements:



I highly recommend having Earthley’s Feel Better Fast and Cough-B-Gone. They also have a Throat Spray that is helpful, but we didn’t need it this time. These are all safe for children and adults. I have a highlight on Instagram dedicated to my Earthley favorites.



Our family of ten got through this in about 10 days. It started with my two oldest and then once the baby got it, we knew we were all going to get it. The remaining 7 of us got sick within about 48 hours of each other and most of us were fine the next day. My daughter Scotlyn took a bit to get over her cough and congestion, but that is due to her compromised immune system. I was only sick for one day and it was mild. My younger children had stuffy noses and minor coughs.  We were so thankful that this was such a mild illness for us! And now we can enjoy natural immunity!

I hope this post helps you prepare your family as best you can. We do not need to live in fear. God designed our bodies with the ability to heal and protect and we can trust in that!




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