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9 In Bible Study/ Motherhood

Starting a Legacy Bible for Your Middle School Child

Since I shared about how I am creating Legacy Bibles for each of my children, I have received so many messages from moms asking a host of questions. I am so happy to see so many of you starting Legacy Bibles for your children! What a blessing they will be!   I did promise that I would continue to share a little bit about my process with these Legacy Bibles, so make sure to come back over the next couple…

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12 In Food/ Healthy Living/ Keto Life

Low Carb, Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Comfort Foods

Comfort food is called “comfort food” because of the feelings it envokes; food can calm nerves, relieve stress and brighten moods. Food can warm up our bodies when it is brutally cold and bitter outside. Food is also a great way to bring people together for fellowship and community. Most people tend to reach for food that is higher in carbohydrates during times like these, but when you are following a low carb or keto diet, you still can crave…

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13 In Faith/ Motherhood

Starting A Legacy Bible For Your Children – Your Questions Answered

Since becoming a mother many years ago, it has been important to me that I leave some sort of legacy to my children. For a long time, I wasn’t sure what that meant to me. I had to grow in my role as a mother and even more in my relationship with God to understand what I wanted my legacy to be. While leaving a legacy is a multi-faceted concept, one thing I have loved doing is creating a “Legacy…

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7 In Food

Simple and Healthy On the Go Summer Snacks

Summer is officially here in New England and we couldn’t be happier! Although we technically are year round homeschoolers, we do take a longer stretch off in the summer, and really look forward to it. We enjoy spending most of our days outside during the summer months and beyond. Because we live on the East Coast, there are so many things do do during the summer months that we otherwise can’t. We can visit our local splash pads and Dinosaur Place,…

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0 In Homeschooling

Analytical Grammar || Curriculum Review

Review of Analytical Grammar Analytical Grammar is our favorite program for high school English. I met the late author of the program, Robin Finley at a homeschool conference. She spent time with my oldest son and I in showing us the program and how it worked. My son was hooked on her statement of “all you need is this program and finish it in one year and then you do not need grammar for the rest of the high school…

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5 In Homeschooling

Environmental Science True North Academy || A Review

The environment is a hot topic these days. On one side there are the groups warning that the sky is falling, and the seas are rising, and the polar bears are dying. On the other side there are the groups that argue that the environment is fine, that the climate is cyclical, and that there’s nothing to worry about. As an adult it’s difficult to sift through the rhetoric of both sides to come to a balanced understanding and find…

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2 In Homeschooling

Mystery Of History || Curriculum Review

I stumbled upon Mystery of History after I started my online homeschool curriculum rental business, Yellow House Book Rental. Wanting to know more about it before I started renting and selling it at Yellow House Book Rental, I incorporated it into our Sonlight curriculum, and we loved it. My two oldest had graduated and I used it with my younger two, ages 11 and 13. Linda Hobar, the author of this world history series, states, “World history is far more…

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1 In Homeschooling

How To Create A Fine Arts Study: Art History and Classical Music History

Bring me to an art gallery and I am in my bliss. Visiting Paris’ Louvre was a dream, and the Met was divine. Unlike my husband, who brought our two youngest kids to lay eyes on the Mona Lisa, and dragged them back out as quickly as he could get in, I could spend days leisurely walking the halls- maybe even hiding in the bathroom to stay all night! I spent the day there, then the next day too, while…

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0 In Homeschooling

CTC Math || An Honest Curriculum Review

Why we love CTC Math. CTC Math is one of our favorite homeschool curriculums. We have tried many homeschool math programs. CTC Math is the one that helped my daughter understand math and dried her tears. I wish we found this program earlier in our homeschool adventure. CTC Math is the best homeschool math program because it made my daughter love math again. I am sharing my honest review of CTC Math. I paid for the program so this is…

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3 In Homeschooling

Exploring Nature With Children || Curriculum Review

On a recent homeschool birding hike, we loaded ID guides, nature journals, and binoculars into our packs to eagerly trek through forest and field. Maybe we were noisy or it was too late in the morning, but we had yet to find a single bird! As younger children searched for muddy tracks by the creek, an older child moved to a quieter place for birdwatching. Her patience paid off. She spotted a large owl perched in the trees. Everyone took…

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