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Your Next Steps As A Red Aspen Brand Ambassador

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador! You have your own business! 


I am sure you are feeling that nervous excitement and are ready to dive in! I remember when I joined – it was right before Black Friday and I was so pumped to start my business at the busiest time of year! Thankfully, I had a lot of experience in direct sales, blogging and social media, and had years of experience as a nail tech. I am only saying that because I joined the last week in November, and jumped in feet first! Our team was so new then, that we didn’t really have a system to welcome new Brand Ambassadors, and we only had very minimal training. Red Aspen wasn’t even 2 years old when I joined!


You are joining at an incredibly exciting time! Red Aspen just celebrated 5 years and we are entering the momentum phase of growth! This is such a perfect time for you to be starting your business!

So, you joined Red Aspen. What’s Next?


We are in the process creating a training called Brand Ambassador Academy that will go into more depth and have live trainings for those looking to really build their business. Join the Waiting list here and be notified as soon as it launches! We are so excited about this!


If you have joined my team, make sure to fill out this quick form HERE so I can connect you to our team and get all the goods!


If you enrolled with our team, make sure to fill out this form and/or connect with me on Instagram and Facebook. I will make sure you are connected in all the ways you need to be and send you a little welcome package!

Let’s Do This!

1. Make sure you know your website address.

When you enrolled, you were asked to choose a url for your business website. It would look something like www.redaspenlove.com/whatyouchose

Make sure to write down your website address so you remember it and can give it out when needed, without having to look it up. I recommend adding your business website to your social accounts, and possibly even your email signature.


2. Bookmark the Treehouse

The Treehouse is a training and informational website from Red Aspen Corporate that you will want to become very familiar with. There is a great ONBOARDING section under training that you can and should go through asap. This is also where you can get product training, keep up to date on any events and promotions, sales, out of stock items, and so much more. Take a little time to familiarize yourself with all the Treehouse has to offer, and bookmark it.

3. Join the Facebook Groups

You want to make sure to join the main Red Aspen Ambassador group. This is where you will get any information you need about the company, our launches, any promotions or news you need to know. Jesse, Amanda and do a live in the group every Monday night at 8pm eastern, so put that on your calendar and make sure you are there!


There is also a graphics group available to you. You are welcome to use any content that is in this group. If there are watermarks, please leave those there- some images have them and some don’t. Make sure to choose graphics and content that resonates with you and your branding. Your community will know if you do not share authentic content.


While it is ALWAYS best to take your own photos, this group allows you to grab content you might otherwise not be able to have. Launch days are great days to grab some images from this group, as some ambassadors have early access to product and share.


Your upline should also invite you to their team group. Make sure to connect with your upline right away so she can add you to any groups or chats you should be in. If you signed up with the general Red Aspen website and do not have an upline, I am happy to have you join my team. You’ll need to email Red Aspen at hello@redaspen.com and ask to be put under Terryn Winfield, ID #165693 if you don’t have an upline. If you did sign up with someone, you can not switch unless you have been inactive for 6 months. 


If you have signed up with me or one of my teammates, make sure we are friends on Facebook, where we have a team group, and on Instagram, where we have a smaller group chat. We will soon have a text chat as well.


4. Create a Pop Up Link

Red Aspen is so generous in that they allow us to be hosts of our own pop-ups. What this means is that we can create a pop-up, or party, link with ourselves as the hostess. We still earn the same commission, but we can also earn the free pop up credit earned. This is essentially like double dipping! I have been able to get almost all my products for free from my pop up credit.

You will also want to put your own orders through your pop up link, to make sure you get both the credit and commission. The Treehouse has a great walkthrough of how to set up your first pop-up HERE.


5. Create a VIP Group

Many Brand Ambassadors choose to create a VIP group. You can do this on Facebook, or any other way that seems easiest to you. Create your group, add some graphics to albums, make sure your pop up link is visible, and start inviting! Share that you started your business and would love to share these incredible nails with your friends! You can share sales, photos, do games, hold your own pop up in here…make it your own!

If you are on our team, we have an entire pop up template and graphics for everything you could think of. You can fill your VIP group quickly with all the resources we have available to you!


6. Create content you can refer to repeatedly

You will notice that people will start to ask the same questions again and again. If you have time, start to create some content that you can refer people to. When you apply a new set of nail dashes, record it. When you remove them, record it. When you do your makeup, record little snippets or snap some photos. When you get paid from Red Aspen, or someone places an order, screenshot the email. Store these in an album on your phone and then use that content to create highlights on IG or FB, or an album in your VIP group.

Doing this will save you so much time later on. People always want to know how to remove or apply nail dashes, so you want to have content you can refer them to, instead of having to explain it each time. You also want to have a business highlight, so people who may be curious can view it, even if they are too scared to ask.



7. Decide if you want to carry inventory

Keeping inventory is completely optional. Red Aspen does all the work for us and never requires us to have inventory. With that said, many Brand Ambassadors prefer to keep inventory.

You can use your pop up credit to build up your inventory. Another piece of advice is to take a portion of your paycheck (which is paid on the 7th of each month) and use that towards building up your inventory. The benefit of having stock at home is that you can offer it to local customers right away and save them shipping. You can also offer your customers different specials and deals inside your VIP group that they can not get on your website. You are not allowed to do this in a public forum, but Red Aspen does allow it privately.

A couple times a year, I will hold a sale in my VIP group to essentially get rid of my inventory, in anticipation of a big seasonal launch. My customers love it and I love being able to offer that service for them. Placing a big bulk order saves you on shipping too.


8. Grab some shipping supplies if you will keep inventory

If you choose to keep inventory, you will need to grab some shipping supplies. Shipping packages can be a hassle if you aren’t prepared ahead of time. I recommend grabbing some bubble mailers and shipping labels, at minimum. I always add a thank you note and some other little fun things, like candy or a little nail dash accessory. You can also find really cute branded stationary on Etsy, like thank you notes, scratch cards, application cards and more.


9. Have a place to keep needed information

Grab a simple notebook, a planner, use an app, a spreadsheet etc. You want to have a place to keep track of any and all information for your business. I have a separate planner I use only for my business, so I can easily find what I need when I need it. I have financial info, team info, customer needs, orders, goals and more. Find what works for you now, before you actually need it. I use this planner for my business and it works very well.

10. Start thinking about your BRAND

You are now your own brand. Does that sound intimidating? It isn’t as scary as it seems. Start thinking about who you are, what you like, what colors appeal to you, what you want (or are) known for.

Who do you want to speak to? Who would nail dashes appeal to? Are there ladies out there who might need this business? How can you help them solve a need?

This is an entire training, so we will be going over this in detail in our own team as well as in the Brand Ambassador Academy. I talk a bit about branding on my Red Aspen IG account as well.


11. Will you be building a team?

Building a team is optional. We have two tracks as Brand Ambassadors – a sales track and a team track. You can choose to focus on one or both. If you build both, you will maximize the compensation plan.

So, assuming you want to build a team…decide what that looks like. How will your team communicate? Do you want to create a small team text thread? A group message on IG or FB? Voxer? Knowing this ahead of time will save you from scrambling when the time comes.



12. You are now a leader, so develop the leader within you.

I am a huge proponent of personal development. I highly encourage my business builders to work on growing themselves. One of the best ways to do this is to read personal development books on topics that will serve you. Some of my favorite books to start with are The Slight Edge, The Compound Effect, and Atomic Habits. Make it a goal to read 10 pages a day, or even listen to an audio version for 10 minutes a day. There are so many incredible podcasts you can listen to as well. I listen to a podcast while I am making dinner each night and it’s been so helpful.


OK! You now know the basics and are ready to launch your business! We are so excited to see you succeed!


Are you part of my team? Message me on IG to join our team chat!







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