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Happy Hormones & Essential Oils {Part 1}


Obligatory Disclaimer

The Information presented is intended for education purposes only. It has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, cure or treat. This information is not intended to replace the advice of your chosen medical professional. I highly encourage everyone to become educated consumers and to research all products that you use in, on and around your body.

Now, let’s get started!!! This will be A LOT of information! So much that this is divided into two parts. Make sure to download your printable cheatsheet so you have an easy reference. 


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Meet the Endocrine System!

Glands within our endocrine system produce hormones to direct the metabolic functions of the body. Each gland produces its own hormones and affect each other directly or indirectly. The liver also plays a huge role in hormone regulation as well by removing excess hormones. Because so many roles are involved with hormone production and regulation, people are often misdiagnosed or diagnoses become difficult to recognize.

Here is what is within our Endocrine system! We will be focusing on 4 of these glands as well as some additional key hormonal management tips!

⟡ Hypothalamus

⟡ Pituitary

⟡ Pineal

⟡ Thyroid

⟡ Parathyroid

⟡ Thymus

⟡ Adrenal

⟡ Pancreas

Hypothalamus… (A part of our Limbic System and our mood center)

⟡ Known as the regulatory center of the body. It receives chemical and electrical signals from the blood and nervous system. It is involved in moment to moment and day to day functions.

⟡ The hypothalamus keeps track of hormones, electrolytes, and nutrients.

⟡ When we feel certain emotions, it actually makes a “copy” through chemical and electrical signals given through our bloodstream and nerve impulses.

Did you know?

The Hypothalamus protects the brain from overload by sending certain signals given through emotions to various organs. The liver is an example. The Hypothalamus sends hormones released through anger to our liver (that’s why you may hear, “anger is stored in the liver”). This can cause our liver distress which is why it is important to control anger. Many people who have issues with anger management tend to have higher liver enzymes. Over time, this can lead to liver damage due to the stress hormones stored here to prevent the brain from being overloaded. Crazy right?

Why is this?

⟡ When you feel certain emotions, the hypothalamus is signaled to trigger certain bodily functions (ex. heart rate, breathing, blood pressure change, bowel regulation, etc). These chemical and electrical signals will send “messages” to certain organs.

When emotions are not balanced, the stored up emotions will trigger organ imbalances.


⟡ When we inhale certain oils, the aromas and molecules of that oil travel through our olfactory nerve straight to our Limbic System reaching our Hypothalamus. This is why we feel certain effects through various properties within the oils just by inhaling them! Bring on the Adaptiv!

Let’s Focus on our Mood…

Here is a great go-to guide when applying and using oils to help regulate our mood swings. Believe it or not, organs have a lot to do with mood regulation due to waste management, stress responses, hormone triggering mechanisms, etc. These are the organs that tend to be affected when certain moods arise. Use this as a helpful tool when using products and oils to help with mood balance. You can apply any oils topically over these certain areas!

fear, worry…..kidney

anger, rage…liver, gall bladder

inner crying…lungs or kidney


lack of joy…heart


revenge…kidney (stones)


See the best ways to use essential oils to support your emotions.

The Pituitary Gland

Also known as the “master gland”.

The Pituitary gland sends hormonal secretions to other glands so they can produce their appropriate hormones and signals. Such glands that are stimulated are ovaries, testes, kidneys, adrenals, uterus, and mammary.

⟡ The Pituitary gland produces HGH (human growth hormone) that helps with fat breakdown, building muscle, and energy levels

⟡ Also produces TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) that triggers the Thyroid to produce T3 & T4

⟡ Low functioning pituitary leads to hypothyroidism

Below are signs and symptoms of Pituitary issues/imbalances…

⟡ High blood pressure

⟡ Difficulty pregnancy

⟡ Adrenal insufficiency

⟡ Weight problems

⟡ Hypoglycemia

⟡ Weakness

⟡ Dysmenorrhea

⟡ Poor memory

⟡ Migraines

⟡ Water retention

⟡ Chronic fatigue

⟡ Can’t get enough sleep

⟡ Low sex hormones

Any of this resonate with you???

Supporting the Pituitary

Frankincense/Sacred Frankincense:

⟡ supports whole body wellness including pituitary function

⟡ can diffuse/inhale or take in capsules daily

⟡ high is sesquiterpenes which promote cellular oxygenation to function and communicate normally

Balsam Fir:

⟡ Supports body’s normal response to inflammation

⟡ When inhaled, supports pituitary’s normal production of Human Growth Hormone which helps support and balance cortisol levels in body

⟡ Can also apply topically to joints for comfort


⟡ Combines the power of three core daily supplements: omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D-3, and CoQ10

⟡ Also combined with the exclusive enhancement essential oil blend to create an omega-3, DHA-rich fish oil supplement that may support general wellness

⟡ Take daily to support normal brain, heart, eye, and joint health

⟡ Omega 3 is essential to support hormone production and balance

⟡ Contains fat-soluble Omega 3 that can be absorbed by the brain (water soluble cannot)

⟡ Because it contains CoQ10, it’s also great for managing our energy levels


The thyroid is under the direction of the pituitary. Its main jobs are to secrete hormones and boost metabolism. It is responsible for working with your adrenal glands and other major systems of the body to manage stress, energy and overall hormonal function.

Many thyroid issues are misdiagnosed for depression.

The main hormones produced by the thyroid gland is Triiodothyronine and Thyroxin (T3 & T4). Triiodothyronine (T3) affects almost every physiological process in the body, including growth and development, metabolism, temperature, and heart rate. Thyroxin (T4) acts to increase metabolic rate, which in turn helps regulate growth and development.

Many things can suppress thyroid function, which can range from a diet full of processed foods, not getting enough sleep, chemical overload, adrenal fatigue, or imbalanced diet.


⟡ The thyroid sets our body’s pace. Hormones produced by the thyroid affects how fast our brain, heart, muscles and liver will function.

⟡ The thyroid thrives on iodine. When iodine is suppressed within our body, the thyroid can’t function properly.

Did you know?

Fluoride competes for space in the thyroid and combats iodine. Iodine is essential when it comes to thyroid functioning. Low iodine levels can cause inflammation of the thyroid. We take in more than enough fluoride in our environment. Replacing our oral care products to fluoride free and chemical free products can lower our daily intake of fluoride which in turn can help balance out iodine absorption.

Here are signs of thyroid imbalances…

⟡ Fatigue

⟡ Weakness

⟡ Coarse dry hair

⟡ Dry rough pale skin

⟡ Hair loss

⟡ Cold intolerance

⟡ Muscle cramps

⟡ Constipation

⟡ Depression

⟡ Irritability

⟡ Memory loss

⟡ Abnormal cycles

⟡ Decreased libido

⟡ Hormone imbalances

Supporting the Thyroid

Lifelong Vitality:
⟡ Foundational nutrition for optimum hormone balance and energy levels
⟡ Packed with nature’s most powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and energy cofactors

Lemon Myrtle:

Acts as an adaptogenic aid, which means it brings balance to the body however needed. Helps balance overall thyroid function whichever way is needed.

⟡ Can dilute and rub topically over thyroid


⟡ Supports under active thyroid and its response to inflammation

⟡ DILUTE with carrier oil and rub topically directly over thyroid

⟡ Can also take Lemongrass vitality in capsules daily

ANOTHER TIP: In a roller combine: 10 drops each of Clove, Myrrh, Frankincense and Lemongrass. Top with carrier oil and apply to thyroid area 3 times per day.

⟡ A natural form of estrogen-like therapy (though not actually estrogen)
⟡ Assists to balance not only a deficiency, but also any excess of harmful estrogen metabolites
⟡ Minimizes unwanted symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle
⟡ Contains Genistein, a fermented soy extract that promotes healthy breast tissue and brings balance to hormones
in both men & women

ROSE (Queen of oils):
Apply over heart:
⟡ Emotional balance
⟡ Boosts libido
⟡ Promotes openness and confidence
Apply to lower abdomen:
⟡ Relief from menstrual discomfort
⟡ Promote regular ovulation

Apply daily to abdomen to aid with:
⟡ Hormone balancing
⟡ Heavy periods
⟡ Cramps
⟡ Hot flashes
⟡ Mood swings

⟡ Bioavailable nutrition for men and women necessary for bone integrity, strength and overall health
⟡ Important for those with weak or fragile bones, bone fractures and growing individuals

Phew! I know that was soooo much information. Make sure to download this cheatsheet right here, so you can have a quickstart guide at your fingertips. I suggest saving this post (and maybe sharing it) so you can reference all the information when needed.



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