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Take Time For Art! || Curriculum Review

You’re in the middle of a history curriculum and you’re thinking to yourself, “Something is missing.”  Oh, the read alouds were really good.  And those suggestions for food and costumes were great.  But the art activities ended up being a bit confusing, you didn’t have all the right materials, and the art history was totally missing.  Sound familiar?

Art!  It’s that activity that we all want our children to experience, and yet it seems to keep getting pushed to the sidelines because it can be, well, difficult!   Let me introduce you to an art curriculum that will not only make bringing art into your homeschool fun and easy, it will also integrate with your history curriculum. It’s called Take Time for Art!

Take Time for Art Makes Real Art

Full disclosure- This is the art curriculum I wanted when I homeschooled my own children, so I created it for today’s homeschool families. Take Time for Art is a streaming video art curriculum that tells the story of history with music, voiceovers, and great art history images.  Then based on those real art images, children make real art. For example, in Ancient Egyptian Art students see wonderful images of Egyptian tomb art while they learn about the Egyptians’ belief in life after death. They see images of mummies, sarcophagi, and those wonderful mummy masks.  Then, after seeing the iconic image of King Tut’s mask, children make a mummy mask using materials that are very similar to the ancient materials.  

In the unit for Ancient Greece, children study about Greek warriors, the difference between Ancient Sparta and Ancient Athens, and the wars with Ancient Persia.  Then they actually make a wonderful Greek warrior’s helmet that is strong, sturdy, and really attractive. And they can actually wear it!

In the Middle Ages, Take Time for Art goes to Ancient Constantinople to see Byzantine mosaics.  Then (of course) children and teens make a wonderful mosaic using gold colored stones and shells.  And those are just some of the many wonderfully creative art projects that are included in each unit.  You can get details of our projects by going to our blog.  

Take Time for Art Makes it Easy

Can you say step-by-step?  The videos show you exactly what to do so that your children can follow much of the directions independently.  It really is very easy!

And not only do they videos teach the art lessons, but there are also wonderful art materials packs that make your life easier.  You know that wonderful art project you had planned and then realized that you needed_______.  With Take Time for Art, all the materials are there!  You just add things like scissors, tape, and glue.  

Take Time for Art Teaches Beauty, Truth, and Goodness

What do you do with all those ancient gods and goddesses anyway? At Take Time for Art the gods and goddesses are appreciated for their beauty and craftsmanship.  And children are taught that only the one, true, living God is to be worshipped.  It’s important to make the distinction when teaching beauty that we also teach truth and goodness.  Take Time for Art does that in a winsome way as they tell them the stories of history with art.

Take Time for Art is for Multiple Ages

Art should bring your family together in creative pursuits.  And Take Time for Art videos and projects do that with their engaging stories, great art images, entertaining videos, and multi-leveled projects.  Each project has a simple version and more complicated version so that families can create together.  A nine year old can make a simple version of the Roman portrait while an older middle schooler or high schooler can make a more complicated version.  The materials are the same and the videos are all included in the same subscription.  

Suggested ages to start are 9 years old and up.  Some kids can start this program earlier but parental help will be needed.  As with all programs, parental supervision is always a must when doing art projects.

Take Time for Art is Affordable

For the price of one semester of art classes at your local art museum, you can provide three children with a semester of great integrated art history with hands-on art projects. Check out our art materials packs and subscriptions here.

The subscriptions are very reasonable with two choices.  Choose to purchase 20 weeks of streaming for $40.00 for one unit, or get the All-Access Subscription for $10.00 per month and get access to all of the units of study.  Preview the next unit and check out the videos.

Art materials packs are $55.00 each on the website, but you can get 20% off by signing up for their email list.  And Take Time for Art will give you free shipping when you purchase 3 art materials packs!  

Do you need a pack for each child?  Yes, it is recommended.  Each child gets to make their own project with their own materials.  And it is incredibly convenient to have all the materials ready and waiting.  Plus, when you price out the shipping, searching on the web for materials, and lost time, the art packs are an incredible value!

And the curriculum guide is included in the subscription.  Not that you’ll need it.  Take Time for Art is pretty much plug and play.  It really is that easy.  But it is nice to look ahead in case you’re out of glue.  There is a day-by-day lesson plan with discussion questions and a materials list that shows you what is included in the art packs and what you need to supply.  It really is organized and easy.  And the curriculum guide makes this a great fit for co-ops.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to Take Time for Art!  

Penny Mayes is veteran homeschool mom and the creator of Take Time for Art, a hands-on art curriculum that tells the story of history through art history via streaming video.  You can find her at taketimeforart.com  Follow Take Time for Art on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Online Art History Classes for Homeschoolers

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    June 18, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    Take Time for Art sounds like an awesome program! I am good with crafts with the younger kids, but real art for the older ones often falls to the wayside.

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    June 18, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    Heather, I so understand that! It is why we make this really easy for homeschool moms. It really is plug and play. And you can have your high schooler participate with your 9 year old. We have simple and more complicated versions of our products. taketimeforart.com

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