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Our Homeschool Preschool Curriculum || 2019-2020

It’s hard to believe we are getting ready for another homeschool year already! This school year I will be teaching six students, with the youngest student being in her second year of preschool. I have always loved the preschool years. They are filled with such wonder and curiosity. Preschoolers are such little people and it is during these years that their personalities really start to shine.   Since us homeschoolers love to shop for curriculum, I am sharing all of…

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The Best Homeschool Math While Roadschooling

Homeschooling can be a wild ride all on it’s own, can’t it? There are so many hills and valleys and each day looks different from the next. Once we think we have a hold on our routine, something comes along andย shakes us up again. That is what happened to my family over this last year. I had everything all planned out and things were rolling along, as seamlessly as possible. And then, we found ourselves roadschooling! If you have given…

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Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Curriculum Review

Although we have been homeschooling for nine years already, math has always been one of those subjects that has been a bit of a struggle. I have used some great math programs that worked well for awhile, and some that we gave up on quickly after starting. One math program that I always wanted to try was Teaching Textbooks, but the price prevented me from taking the plunge. With a large family, I just couldn’t spend that much on one…

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The Good And The Beautiful Review || Level 6 Language Arts

You may have seen that we have been using The Good And The Beautiful curriculum in our homeschool for a little while now. My son uses and loves Sonlight and hopes to use their curriculum through high school. But my girls, especially the older ones, have been craving a little something different. After searching and researching, I came across The Good And The Beautiful and knew we had found a good fit. Jenny Phillips, the author of the curriculum, offers…

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Using A Literature Based Homeschool Curriculum

We have always relied heavily on literature in our homeschool. Growing up, I went to a classically based private school and had a rigorous education. We read difficult books and poetry and studied Greek and Latin for many years. When I decided to homeschool my children, I knew I wanted my children to have a literature based education, like I did. I wanted them to be challenged, but still enjoy learning. In a literature based curriculum, you are usually reading…

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What Is Included In Our Homeschool Curriculum | Sonlight Level 100

homeschool curriculum - Sonlight curriculum

Hey mamas! Today I am sharing a little more about what we are using in our homeschool this year. You know that Sonlight has graciously provided our family with a full program that we are using for my oldest. I recently shared our Box Day with you all and had numerous requests to go into more detail on what we received. I had planned on sharing what we are using for our homeschool curriculum this year, per child, so I…

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