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The Good And The Beautiful Level K Math || A Review

Curriculum is a big deal in the homeschool world and there are so many different options, it can become very overwhelming. However, I am so thankful to have found an amazing curriculum that gives me the extra confidence I need to teach my children and give them a well rounded education. So today I am going to share a review of our math curriculum we have been using for Kindergarten.

We are using The Good and The Beautiful Level K Math. We use The Good and The Beautiful for other subjects as well but I love the Level K Math the most. It is so good!


the good and the beautiful math


Level K Math from The Good and The Beautiful is an open-and-go math curriculum that combines the student workbook and teacher text in one. It is visually beautiful, has hands-on activities and (what I feel is so important) real-life application. It offers a traditional approach to math that incorporates all learning styles- visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. It uses lots of games, manipulatives, and art to learn math that is perfect for this age.


Each lesson starts with a daily dose: calendar, reviewing days of week/months of year, learning to write the date, place value chart, and a graph they add to each day (shapes, numbers, etc.) Seems like a lot but only takes a few minutes to do. Then there is a short lesson, student worksheet, and a bonus independent activity. All-in-all each full lesson takes us about 20 minutes. I love that the lessons are short because, let’s face it, Kindergarteners have a very short attention span.




The curriculum is made up of 2 workbooks (Part 1 and Part 2) and an activity box. The activity box contains so many great manipulatives and activities. So many to list so here is a photo below.




The workbooks and the activity box can be ordered separately so when my son is ready to start Kindergarten math we will only have to purchase the workbooks. And in my opinion, very affordable for all that you receive.


The website states that their math curriculum follows typical public school grade levels and I would agree. In this level they learn number recognition and spelling number words, number sense (count to 100, count by 10’s and 2’s, even and odd, etc.), addition, subtraction, patterns, geometry (shapes, positional words), measurement of time (calendar, write the date, time to the hour), measure length in inches, beginning money, and graphing.



There is also a free level assessment for the math courses available on their website thegoodandthebeautiful.com.


My favorite part of this curriculum are that the lessons are so hands-on, engaging and enjoyable for my daughter. The pictures and art are so beautiful, the games are simple yet fun, and my daughter is learning so much, quickly. She loves math now and always asks to do it before any other subject.



We love The Good and The Beautiful Level K Math and will continue to use the next levels as my kids progress. I definitely recommend this math curriculum and hope this information proves useful to you and your family! Continue to join us as we use this curriculum and enjoy our homeschool journey over at littleschoolofsmiths.com




Hi I’m Lindsay from Little School of Smith’s! I am a stay at home/homeschool mama to 3 kids- Hazel (5), Teddy (3), and Levi (10 months). I am married to my best friend and husband of 7 years. We live in Northern California amongst almond orchards and grapevines. We began our homeschool journey 2 years ago and are loving learning together. Over on my blog I share our weekly unit studies, lots of crafts and everyday homeschool adventures. Find me over at https://littleschoolofsmiths.com/

The Good and the Beautiful Level K Math

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