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CTC Math || An Honest Curriculum Review

Why we love CTC Math.

CTC Math is one of our favorite homeschool curriculums. We have tried many homeschool math programs. CTC Math is the one that helped my daughter understand math and dried her tears. I wish we found this program earlier in our homeschool adventure. CTC Math is the best homeschool math program because it made my daughter love math again. I am sharing my honest review of CTC Math. I paid for the program so this is my own personal review.

I work full time outside the home. CTC Math fit into our homeschool adventure well because I am a busy homeschool mom who works a job. I will share why I love it as a working homeschool mom.


CTC Math is an online math program.

Everything is online in CTC Math. I love this because we can access CTC Math on any computers or laptops. As long as your student has their password they can do CTC Math on any laptops or computers.

You as a teacher will have your own user-name and password to access the teacher panel. This was one feature I loved about CTC Math. The reason I love this was I can access teacher panel anytime even while she is doing her lessons in the program. I can access my teacher portal on my phone or tablet or laptop while I am at work.

CTC Math is geared for all grade levels.

CTC Math is for the kindergarten to 12th grade. You have access to all grade levels in this program. This is my favorite part of CTC Math. By having access to all grade levels, if there is a concept that my daughter struggled with in the current lesson she can go back to another grade level that introduced that concept for review before moving forward in a current level.

K-6th grade levels are divided by grade levels with sections into each grade levels as listed:

  • Numbers
  • Patterns and Algebra
  • Measurement
  • Space and Geometry
  • Statistics and probability

The Middle School level math offered in CTC Math are:

  • Basic Math and Pre-Algebra
  • Elementary Measurement
  • Elementary Geometry

The high school level math offered in CTC Math are:

  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-calculus
  • Calculus


Here are the screenshots of the grade levels in CTC Math:

Grade levels in CTC Math

CTC Math is budget friendly.

With access to all grade levels for a low price was easy on our budget for our homeschool. As a working mom, I needed a budget friendly curriculum. CTC Math has a special price for homeschoolers (50% off regular price) plus you can try it for 7 days for free. I highly recommend you try this program for 7 days.

I bought the program at a yearly price. You can purchase on a month-to-month basis but overall it’s cheaper to purchase a year up front than the monthly billing. CTC Math also offers two choices: Single Membership or Family Membership. If you have over one student, get the family membership. Family Membership is one flat price no matter how many kids you have in your family.

CTC Math is great for all learning styles.

The lessons are always in a video/audio format and text format. My daughter uses both video and text to learn the lessons. She loves this format because she can go back and look at the text if she struggles to do her homework problems.

There are two ways to work the problems in CTC Math. One way is to do the problems online while working the problem on paper which is my daughter’s favorite way to do this. Another way is to print out the problem worksheet and answer key which requires grading by you or your student. As a working mom, I like it when my daughter works the problem on paper and then puts her answer into the online worksheet. This means no grading on our part.

CTC Math offers weekly reports in emails.

One of my favorite thing about CTC Math is the emails I get from CTC Math on my daughter’s progress. You can set up what you want to get from CTC math to keep track of your children’s progress. In the teacher portal, there are options on what emails you would like to get from CTC Math.

As a busy working mom, I can just glance at my email from CTC math to see my daughter’s progress without looking over her shoulder while she is doing her lesson. You do not have to get emails from CTC Math. It is just an option for you.

The lessons and homework are short.

This is my daughter’s favorite thing about CTC Math. The lessons are simple and effective as well as short. Like I said earlier, the format of lessons are both in video and text. Long lessons and a lot of problems for homework frustrates my daughter. For me its a blessing because she is much happier doing her math lessons each day.

No preparation on the parent’s part.

There is no planning on my part. My daughter knows to do the next lesson each day unless she has a problem. If she got a poor score in a previous lesson, CTC Math will have her redo the lesson. In the teacher portal, you can set their grade they need to get before moving to the next lesson. There is an option to plan the lesson if you wish but it’s unnecessary. As a busy working mom, this was a blessing for me because it frees me up to plan her other subjects.

CTC Math rewards the student.

My daughter loved this part of CTC Math. CTC Math gives award certificates based on your completion in each level. The awards can come in Bronze, Silver or Gold. This was very encouraging to my daughter because it tells her she is doing well.

Here is an example of one award certification she got:

Reward Cert from CTC Math


CTC Math is not common core aligned.

This was one of my criteria for math. We didn’t want Common Core-aligned math because of the previous curriculum we used that were common core aligned which caused my daughter to hate math. CTC Math was one of the few we found that is not common core aligned.


What my daughter wishes CTC Math would put in lessons.

While we love CTC Math and will stick with this program, there is one negative thing that my daughter says about CTC Math. She wishes they would list in the lesson when the concept was introduced in the program. For example, Fractions in Pre-Algebra- she wished CTC Math would list where that concept was introduced in earlier grades so she can go back to the earlier grade and review the concepts.


If you wish to give CTC Math a try, you can do that with their 7-day free trial. If you use the program, make sure you get the homeschool price. I hope my reasons we love CTC Math will help you decide if CTC Math is the program for you and your family. As a busy working mom, CTC Math fit the bill for our family.




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CTC Math for homeschool curriculum review


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    Deanna Williams
    October 17, 2021 at 10:35 am

    We love CTC Math too! Could you tell me how do you get to the workshhets you can print out?

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