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Homeschool Teacher Organization and Record Keeping

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Homeschool organization is one of those topics we love to discuss as homeschool moms. Teacher storage and homeschool record keeping is just as important, if not more, than student organization. We can have a perfectly designed homeschool room, but if you have no organization as a teacher, that won’t matter much, will it?

I tend to be pretty simple when it comes to my homeschool organization. I am teaching 4 students now and will add more in the years to come, so I don’t have the time or space for a complicated system. I am only required to keep track of attendance and a basic record of achievement each year. Your system may vary greatly depending on how you like to organize and what records you are required to keep based on your state.

Homeschool Teacher Organization and Record Keeping - 10 Days of Homeschool Planning


I create a Homeschool Teacher binder each year. In it I have my lesson plans, attendance list, book lists, field trip records, curriculum choices and a few more things.

Check that out HERE:


My Homeschool Teacher Binder pretty much houses everything I consider important for our school year and records. I used to take my planner to the office supply store and have it bound, but then I found I wanted to add things to it throughout the school year. Now, I use a 1 inch binder with a few folders so I can add if needed. I have considered actually getting the binder contents bound at the end of our school year. I think it may be nice to have one complete bound piece of records per school year.

Long Term Storage:

Each child has a folder where I put their daily work and assignments, and they hand it in to me at the end of the school day. I then take out that day’s work and file it in a file box in my office, by week. I attempt to go through that file box each week, but sometimes it is by month. I then do a big purge at the end of our school year and discard anything I do not need to keep. It can be hard as a mom to get rid of any work that they do, but there is only so much space!






This is Day 5 in a 10 Day Homeschool Planning series. Don’t forget to check out the other bloggers below!


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