Wading Through The Curriculum Series



A 30 Day Blog Series designed to help you wade through the sea of homeschool curriculum.



The Wading Through The Curriculum blog series is an event that will take place during the month of June 2019.  The goal is to provide homeschool moms with practical advice and honest reviews to help you feel encouraged and equipped to have your best homeschool year yet.


This will be the central location for the Wading Through The Curriculum series (there will also be some sharing and conversation over in the Homeschool With Heart Facebook group – so be sure to request to join if you are not a member). Here you will find the links to all of the posts in the series, links to all the freebies and giveaways that will be going on during the series, and links to our amazing and generous sponsors.



Help for choosing homeschool curriculum



Are you overwhelmed by all the curriculum choices out there? 

Maybe you are new to homeschooling and don’t know where to start?

Or you could be entering a new stage of homeschooling and know you need a new curriculum?


Regardless of why you are here, we hope you will find answers to your questions and concerns in this 30 day series. We have pulled together a group of homeschool bloggers who are eager and willing to share their honest reviews on their curriculum choices. You’ll find nearly every subject and every age group here. So, make yourself a pot of coffee and dive in! Start from the beginning or pick and choose the posts you are most interested. You never know what you’ll find!

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Here are some of the fantastic contributors that you can look forward to hearing from in this series (this list will be updated daily with links as each post is published)!

  • Rooted Childhood from Meghann Dibrell
  • The Good and the Beautiful Kindergarten Language Arts from Rebecca Toon
  • Blessed Grove Preschool from Tal Hoover
  • Horizons Math from Surya Chronister
  • Write Shop from Michelle Huddleston
  • Creative Littles from Laurie Shaw
  • Skill Trek from Penny Rogers
  • Apologia High School Science from Teresa Wiedrick
  • All About Spelling from Marla Szwast
  • Beautiful Feet History from Terryn Winfield
  • Our Learning Curve from Katoyia Bellamy
  • Apologia Botany from Heather Chapman
  • CAP from Lisa Nehring
  • Bravewriter Help for High School from Elena LaVictoire
  • All About Reading from Terryn Winfield
  • Fine Arts: Art & Classical Music History from Teresa Wiedrick
  • The Good and the Beautiful Kindergarten Math from Lindsay Smith
  • CTC Math from Holly Truitt
  • Mystery of History by Michelle Osborn
  • Mr. D Math by Susan Landry
  • Evan Moor History Pockets by Terryn Winfield
  • RightStart Math from Sandra Balisky
  • Experience Biology from Terryn Winfield
  • MasterBooks Science from Terryn Winfield
  • and more to come!