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Our Homeschool Room Tour || 2020 || Minimal, Large Family


Hi friends! It is that time of year when all the homeschool moms are in planning and organizing mode. And we love it, don’t we??

I just finished organizing our homeschool room for the upcoming school year and thought I would give you all a peek inside. I haven’t shared a homeschool room tour in a few years, and things have changed since then! I have added children, changed curriculum, changed houses, and have definitely learned to live with less. If you want to look at our old homeschool room, you can watch that here. Don’t mind the bad camera!

For the 2020-2021 homeschool year, I will have 6 students and a toddler, with a baby joining us this fall. I explain in the video how it works in this school room, as well as how we actually end up using our whole house for school. I included pictures here as well in case that helps you.

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Our Homeschool Room Tour 2020


The video will definitely help you visualize how the room is organized, but if you want to see some pictures, here you go! There are short descriptions under each photo.




I got this school time calendar here and below that you’ll see our Morning Basket. That doesn’t always stay there, but it is easily brought out into our living room or to the school table.



Our rolling cart holds some magazine holders for the younger students, as well as some manipulatives, flash cards, and odds and ends. It is easy to roll this cart this out into the living room or dining room so I can work with the younger ones there.



This is our main bookshelf in the school room. You can see most of our school supplies in this post. From the top shelf down:

  1. Laminator, hole punches, paint box.
  2. My planners and homeschool books, and bins I don’t want the little ones touching – post its, stapler, pens, stickers etc.
  3. My oldest’s history books and literature (he keeps his school work in his room), and then my Teacher’s Manuals.
  4. My older 2 girls share this shelf, one on each side.
  5. History read alouds for the younger students, work we are still finishing in the magazine holders, and our Exploring Nature With Children binders.
  6. Puzzles and extra bins that we will fill as needed.


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This shelving unit is from Target and houses some fabric bins with art supplies, extra wall maps and helps, activities for the toddler, flashcards and more. The blank map is from Beautiful Feet, and the Presidents poster is here along with the map of the United States.



This is a diffuser that comes in the Young Living Starter Kit as well as some of our favorite essential oils for focus and concentration. We always have this going when doing school work!!




This smaller bookshelf in the corner holds our printer, extra school supplies, the calendar pieces, construction paper and crayons, our treasure box and more books. The posters on the wall are from the Dollar Tree.




The caddy on the table holds school supplies that the kids reach for often – pencils, markers, dry erase marker, scissors, rulers, tape, glue. The plant posters hanging on the door can be found here.



My husband built these shelves for me, so I can’t link them. But he seemed to think it was simple, just using a few boards from Home Depot! These shelves hold many of our nature study books, our beautiful handmade wooden pieces from Treasures From Jennifer, and the Charlotte Mason series. The chest holds our board games and more puzzles.


I hope you enjoyed our Homeschool Room Tour! I would love to know…

Do you have a school room or do you school all over your house?





Tour our Homeschool Room

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  • Reply
    July 27, 2020 at 11:15 am

    Love this! I took a pic of the boards holding your books facing frontward. We are redoing some rooms in our house and I’ve wanted something like this for ease of access so the kids SEE. Praying you have a blessed school year! We are excited to begin too.

  • Reply
    July 27, 2020 at 11:28 am

    This is amazing ? very timely this year my husband and I decided to homeschool our daughter due to COVID-19. We do have an extra room so thank you … pure awesomeness❤?

  • Reply
    Kelly Bolen
    July 27, 2020 at 8:14 pm

    Wow! what an amazing set up! I could not imagine hoe schooling my kids! They would drive me to drink!!! But I have the utmost respect for anyone who home schools! Bravo mamma!

  • Reply
    July 29, 2020 at 12:18 am

    This is such an incredible set up! Everything is so neat and tidy and well organized. I would love my homeschooling area to look just like this! This is exciting!!

  • Reply
    August 2, 2020 at 2:54 pm

    Love this – it looks amazing! I love the wall shelves your husband built.

  • Reply
    August 2, 2020 at 3:57 pm

    This is so awesome! I love how everything is so organized, and each item in the room is both practical and cute. I don’t have any kids, but if I did, I would love for them to have a space like this to learn and study.

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