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Fall Themed Books For The Whole Family – Picture Books & Read Alouds

Fall is right around the corner and it is my favorite! I love everything about fall… the leaves, the smells, the colors, the baking, the sweaters! As much as I don’t want to rush summer, I love when little pops of autumn start showing. To me, fall also means a fresh start. I know that is actually the opposite of what fall stands for, but with the beginning of a new homeschool year, fall feels like a new start to me.


As a homeschool mom, I am always looking for new books to keep little minds engaged and inspired. I love picking up seasonal and holiday themed books that the whole family will enjoy. After I got the Fall Homeschool Bundle, I knew I had to add quite a few of the recommended books to our family library! Since so many of you were printing the book lists included in the bundle and asking about the same thing on Instagram, I figured I would compile all the fall book recommendations here in one place for us.






The fall book recommendations are listed by topic. Some of these books are beautiful picture books, others are more informational, some are for early independent readers, and some make for wonderful read alouds with your whole family. Browse them all and pick a few from each topic that will work best for your family!


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How Do Apples Grow by Betsy Maestro

Find out how an apple grows from bud to flower to fruit- ready for you to pick!

Apples by Gail Gibbons

Explore the history of the apple but also the way that families and farmers grow and care for apple trees today, from planting to selling, to turning them into delicious treats.

Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell

Bold, autumn-colored paintings and a simple but lively story capture a little girl’s joy as she shares in the excitement of the fall season.

Applesauce Day by Lisa J. Amstutz

Follow along with maria and her family as they visit an apple orchard and pick apples. Follow each step in the process as everyone helps to turn those apples into delicious applesauce.

Apples, Apples Everywhere! by Robin Koontz

Come along on a trip to the apple orchard. Find out how apples are picked and stored. Which apples are best for munching and much more!

Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington

Annie is a busy apple farmer. Follow Annie through her apple-filled day of picking, counting, sorting, baking and selling.

Apples, Apples, Apples by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Follow along with the bunny family as they go to an apple orchard. Farmer Miller teaches them all about apples. This charming story is
filled with fun facts, activities, and an applesauce recipe.

Johnny Appleseed by Lori Haskins Houran

In this simple yet lively book, children will be introduced to John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed. Lyrical text and bright, appealing artwork capture the essence of this important American.

Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins

A sweet apple story that focuses on counting.

An Apple’s Life by Nancy Dickman

Before you go apple picking, read this book to find out how apples are created. From seed to seedling, tree to blossom, flower to fruit, the life cycle of an apple is beautiful to see.

Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie by Herman Parish

A sweet story about Amelia Bedelia baking her first apple pie.

How To Make An Apple Pie And See The World by Marjorie Priceman

This picture book takes readers around the globe to gather ingredients for a delicious apple pie. A simple recipe for apple pie is included.


Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

A beautiful book with illustrations from actual leaves. A fun book to read before kids collect leaves to make their own leaf art work.

Leaves by David Ezra Stein

A simple and charming story of a young bear’s first autumn. A great book to teach younger children about the changing seasons.

Fletcher and The Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson

As the leaves fall from his favorite tree, Fletcher worries that something is terribly wrong. But then winter comes, and with it a wonderful surprise!


Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert

The author uses watercolor collage and pieces of actual seeds, fabric, wire, and roots in this innovative and rich introduction to the life of a tree.


I Love Fall by Alison Inches

From plump orange pumpkins to crunchy leaves, readers will love all the textures fall has to offer in this delightful touch and feel board book.

We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger

Join three friends on a fun leaf finding adventure! With easy rhyming text and fun sound effects, children will delight in this rollicking autumn story.

Leaves: An Autumn Pop Up Book by Janet Lawler

This beautiful book includes amazing pop ups, educational information, and delightful interactive elements that offer change and surprsie on every page.

The Very Last Leaf by Stef Wade

This engaging storyline hits on important social/emotional themes involving anxiety, perfectionism and facing fears. The story also features a science hook related to the seasons and cycles of nature.

Leaf Jumpers by Carole Gerber

This vibrant poem celebrates the beauty of autumn while inviting us all to go ahead and jump in that big, colorful, pile of fall leaves.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Park

Join a young girl as she takes a walk through forest and town, greeting all the signs of the coming season. She says good-bye to summer and welcomes autumn.

My Leaf Book by Monica Wellington

When the seasons change, a young girl visits the arboretum to collect fallen leaves and make a book with them. Brilliant illustrations show each variety of tree the girl encounters.



Pumpkin Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington

Jamie plants a pumpkin seed in the spring and watches it grow all summer. He saves some seeds that he will plant again next spring.

Ready For Pumpkins by Kate Duke

A classroom guinea pig finds a way to plant his own garden in this funny tale of pumpkins and patience.

Patty’s Pumpkin Patch by Teri Sloat

Patty’s pumpkin patch is the perfect lead-in or follow-up to a visit to a pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin Hill By Elizabeth Spurr

Seeds from a plump pumpkin grew into a huge army of roly-poly pumpkins. All it took was a mighty wind to set those pumpkins off on a tumble that would wake up a sleepy town with surprise.

Pumpkin Day by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

The rabbit family spends the day at pumpkin hollow farm. Pumpkin recipes and crafts just right for ages 5-8 are included in this fun seasonal story.

Pumpkin Trouble by Jan Thomas

A humorous book with adorable characters that inspires repeat readings.

Pumpkin Circle: The Story Of A Garden by George Levenson

This educational exploration of a pumpkin’s life-cycle is a must for any aspiring scientist or farmer!

How Many Seeds In A Pumpkin? by Margaret McNamara

This book makes a wonderful read-aloud companion to any math or science curriculum, and it’s a fun way to reinforce counting skills at home.

From Seed To Pumpkin by Wendy Pfeffer

This book brings readers into the pumpkin patch to show them how little seeds transform into big pumpkins.

The Pumpkin Patch by Elizabeth King

Beautiful photographs and text describe the activities in a pumpkin patch as seeds become pumpkins.

Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins by Dianne Ochiltree

A colorfully illustrated counting tale about a wagon full of pumpkins that fall out and roll down the hill.

I Like Pumpkins by Jerry Smath

A fun rhyming story about a little girl who likes pumpkins!

How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow? by Wendell Minor

This celebration of famous landmarks and landscapes plays with concepts of size and scale and is full of fun facts.

The Bumpy Little Pumpkin by Margery Cuyler

A sweet story about how you don’t need to be big to be great!



Bats: Hunters of The Night  by Elaine Landau

This book introduces the world of bats, describing their physical characteristics, habitat, life cycle and nocturnal feeding habits.

A Place For Bats by Melissa Stewart

This fact-filled, colorful book looks at the amazing world of bats.

The Life Cycle Of A Bat by Rebecca Sjonger

Describes the habitat, life cycle, social behaviors, and physical characteristics of fruit, insect, and vampire bats.

NightSong by Ari Berk

A breathtaking picture book about a young bat setting off into the world using only his good sense.

What Is A Bat? by Heather Kalman Levigne

From blood-sucking vampire bats to mango-eating fruit bats; this book tackles bat myths and teaches children about bats.

Amazing Bats by Frank Greenaway

This book is filled with full-color photos and full-color illustrations. The author explains all sorts of fun facts about bats.

Bat Jamboree by Kathi Appelt

With its exuberant text and enchanting illustrations, Bat Jamboree is both a counting book and a thrilling theatrical event.

Good Night, Bat! Good Morning, Squirrel! by Paul Meisel

A funny picture book about a lonely bat who thinks he found a perfect home. Until he discovers that it’s already inhabited by a squirrel. A
sweet friendship story about finding common ground despite outward differences.

StellaLuna by Janell Cannon

A story about how a baby fruit bat’s world is literally turned upside down when she is adopted by the occupants of a bird’s nest and adapts to their peculiar bird habits.

Bats Around The Clock by Kathi Appelt

A fun story about telling time as you dance around the clock with the bats!

Little Red Bat by Carole Gerber

Red bats can hibernate or migrate to warmer regions during the winter. A sweet educational journey through one bat’s seasonal dilemma.

Bat Loves The Night by Nicola Davies

A charming and informative story about a pipistrelle bat. The book offers vivid descriptions of the animal’s flight, its navigational skills and the hunt for food.



The Book Of North American Owls by Helen Roney Sattler

A study of the twenty-one species of owls that make their home on the North American continent. It furnishes detailed descriptions of
their anatomy, characteristics, hunting techniques, courtship and breeding habits.

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

A sweet story about three owlets who are waiting for their mother to return from her night flight.

Owl: A Year In The Lives Of North American Owls by Paul Bannick

Photographer Paul Bannick follows North American owls through the course of one year and documents their distinct habitats. A beautiful
field guide that helps identify owls and compare other species.

Owls Of The World: A Photographic Guide by Heimo Mikkola

This book is the ultimate photographic resource dedicated to the identification of these charismatic birds of prey. Over 750 photographs covering all of the world’s 268 species of owls.

Owls by Gail Gibbons

This book covers basics of owl behavior, information on how they hunt, and the many factors that have led some types of owls to become endangered.

Owling by Mark Wilson

This book invites young readers into the world of real-life owls, to learn about their fascinating behaviors and abilities.

The Barn Owls by Tony Johnston

This gentle poem book follows the life cycle of the barn owl.

The Concise Book Of Owls by Lochlainn Seabrook

This book answers questions about what makes owls unique among our planet’s 10,000 bird species.

National Geographic Kids: Owls by Laura Marsh

Learn how owls raise their young, hunt and protect themselves. The perfect book for reading aloud or for independent reading.

Little Owl’s Night by Divya Srinivasan

This story follows along with little owl as he tries to understand if daytime could be nearly as wonderful as night time.

Owl At Home by Arnold Lobel

Owl lives by himself in a warm little house. A sweet story about how he always has time for visitors.


A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting

Mr. and Mrs. Moose invite all their animal friends for Thanksgiving dinner and the only one missing is Turkey. When they set out to find him, Turkey is quaking with fear because he doesn’t realize that his hosts want him at
their table, not on it.

Turkey Goes To School by Wendy Silvano

School is starting soon and Turkey can’t wait. Each day, he and his barnyard friends practice their writing and math. But when the school bus rolls up, they are booted off. It turns out that animals aren’t allowed to attend school.

Turkey Trouble by Wendy Dilvano

School is starting soon and Turkey can’t wait. Each day, he and his barnyard friends practice their writing and math. But when the school bus rolls up, they are booted off. It turns out that animals aren’t allowed to attend school.

How To Catch a Turkey by Adam Wallace

A turkey is running loose in a school right before a Thanksgiving play. Can YOU help catch it? Follow along as students turn their school upside down trying to catch the turkey, ending with a twist that ensures no turkeys are harmed (or eaten!).

Gobble Gobble by Cathryn Falwell

Arrow-shaped footprints lead a young backyard naturalist to a flock of funny-looking birds with big strong feet: Wild Turkeys! Once nearly extinct, these comical critters now gobble their way across North America. Follow Jenny through a year of enchantment as she shares her discovery of these wonderful birds.

Turkeys by Wendy Dieker

Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage young readers as they discover the unique features and behaviors of these animals.

Run, Turkey, Run! by Diane Mayr

With Thanksgiving only one day away, can Turkey find a place to hide from the farmer who’s looking for a plump bird for his family feast? Maybe he can hide with the pigs . . . or the ducks . . . or the horses . . . Uh-oh! Here comes the farmer! Run, Turkey, run!

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey by: Lucille Colandro

You won’t believe why this old lady swallowed a turkey, a ball, a hat, a balloon, a boat, some wheels, and a horn of plenty!

Facts About the Turkey by Lisa Strattin

This educational turkey books for kids presents facts along with full color photographs and carefully chosen words to teach children about the Turkey. Packed with facts about the turkey, your children or grandchildren will enjoy learning from start to finish while they read this turkey kids book.

Wild Turkeys by Rebecca Sabelko

Wild turkey flocks forage their way across North America. But they have to watch out for predators. Sharp senses of sight and hearing alert them to lurking enemies. In this book, young readers will learn all about the habits and habitats of these large birds.

How to Hide a Turkey by Sue Fliess

Will you meet a turkey this Thanksgiving? If you do, will you be ready to help hide him as a special pet until he can find his flock again? By being helpful, friendly, and smart, you can help your new turkey friend get back to his family in the wild by disguising him as you search.

10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston

Gobble gobble wibble wobble. Whoops! Now there are nine. Girls and boys will gobble up this hilarious story about ten goofy turkeys and their silly antics: swinging from a vine, strutting on a boar, doing a noodle dance, and more.



Once in a Full Moon by Carolinda Goodman

Once a month a full moon rises in the night sky. But every time, this big bright circle has a different name! Once in a Full Moon tells the stories behind this monthly visitor.

A Moon Of My Own by Jennifer Rustgi

An imaginative young girl travels the world with her faithful companion, the moon, in an enchanted adventure across the seven continents that is marked by the moon’s phases

Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes

It is Kitten’s first full moon, and when she sees it she thinks it is a bowl of milk in the sky. And she wants it. Does she get it? Well, no . . . and yes. What a night!

Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! by Mo Willems

Hurrying away to brush his teeth, the pajama-clad bus driver implores readers not to let his feathered friend stay up late. Youngsters are thrust into the role of caregiver as the puerile pigeon attempts to talk his way out of the inevitable.

City Moon by Rachael Cole

Soothing text and hip, colorful collage style illustrations create a nighttime story that follows a little boy and his Mama as they walk around their neighborhood looking for the moon.

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

In a great green room, tucked away in bed, is a little bunny. “Goodnight room, goodnight moon.” And to all the familiar things in the softly lit room—to the picture of the three little bears sitting on chairs, to the clocks and his socks, to the mittens and the kittens, to everything one by one—the little bunny says goodnight.

If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon by Joyce Lapin

Have your birthday party on the moon and everyone will come! After all, who wouldn’t want to ride in a rocket and celebrate for a day that lasts as long as a month on Earth?

The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons

Shining light on all kinds of fascinating facts about our moon, this simple, introductory book includes information on how the moon affects the oceans’ tides, why the same side of the moon always faces earth, why we have eclipses, and more.

Moon A Peek Through Picture Book By Britta Teckentrup

Over deserts and forests, Arctic tundra and tropical beaches, the moon shines down on creatures around the world. Children will love discovering how it changes from day to day as the lunar cycle is shown through clever peek-through holes, each revealing the moon in a different size and shape.

Moon’s First Friends by Susanna Leonard Hill

Learn about the spaceflight that first landed humans on the moon through this heartwarming story about friendship!

The Faces, or Phases, of the Moon by Baby Professor

How can there be one moon and many “faces”? One night it look full, the next it’ll wane and the next it’ll change yet again. This astronomy book for kids will explain the different phases of the moon and how each affects life on Earth.

Moon Burger by Jerry Tatum

When a piece of the moon breaks off, falls into Rylie’s backyard, and turns out to be delicious moon cheese, Rylie and her Daddy decide to turn their discovery into an opportunity-the Moon Burger diner.


Ruby Learns to Wait by Dan Parisson

This is a story of a curious little Raccoon who wants to find food and a place to sleep but he is impatient, and his impatience gets him into trouble. At this point, he realizes the value of patience, good manners and listening to good advice.

Exploring the World of Raccoons by Tracy C. Read

This book describes the natural history of these cousins of the panda bear and explains how that heritage helps them thrive in cities as well as in fields and woodlands.

Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin

How does Racoon love pizza? Oh, let him count the ways. He loves the gooey cheesy-ness, salty pepperoni- ness, sweet sweet tomato-ness, and of course the crispity crunchity crust. But someone is always chasing poor Raccoon away from his favorite food with a broom! What’s a hungry raccoon to do?

Unbelievable Pictures and Facts about Raccoons by Olivia Greenwood

In this book you will explore the wonderful world of raccoons, finding the answers to these questions and so many more. Complete with incredible pictures to keep even the youngest of children captivated, you will all embark on a little journey into the great unknown.

Raccoon On His Own by Jim Arnosky

When a baby raccoon is swept downstream in an abandoned canoe, he feels afraid. But soon he notices all kinds of things he has never seen before, and from the safety of his little boat, he begins to explore the world around him.

A Pocket Full of Kisses by Audrey Penn

Chester Raccoon has a baby brother —and the baby brother is taking over his territory. When Chester sees his mother give his baby brother a Kissing Hand—his Kissing Hand—he is overcome with sadness, but Mrs. Raccoon soothes his fears with her own special brand of wisdom, finding just the right way to let Chester know he is deeply loved.

Are You  A Cheeseburger? by Monica Arnaldo

A hilarious friendship following two unlikely strangers learning more about the other and discovering the pressure that comes with fulfilling expectations.

Little Raccoon and No Trouble At All by Lilian Moore

Little Raccoon has never babysat before and it is some time before he gets two baby chipmunks under control.

Baby Raccoons By Bobbie Kalman

Children will learn about the parts of the body, how babies are raised by their mothers after they are born, and how raccoons survive in forests, wetlands, and even cities.

Yes! No. by Kellie Byrnes

Follow the amusing adventures of an enterprising raccoon as he engages in a rollercoaster struggle against some ridiculous odds.

The Searcher and Old Tree by David Mcphail

After a long night of foraging, a tired raccoon returns home to sleep in Old Tree’s branches. Oblivious to the rain and wind of a raging storm, the raccoon is protected and sheltered by the tree.

Elliot and the Raccoons’ Wild Party by Ingrid Smunic

Elliot takes on an adventure following a group of raccoons all around Sag Harbor the night before the town’s annual
HarborFest celebrations. He watches the plump little comedians feast on a buffet of discarded food as they run from place to place, leaving messes in their wake.





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