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Save on Prescription Medicine For Your Family

If your family takes any prescription medicine at all, then you know prescriptions can get expensive. If you have a large family, like I do, and everyone gets sick at the same time – you may need an oxygen mask when you go to pick up all your prescriptions! Granted, we do our best to stay healthy and boost our immune systems, so we rarely need prescription medicine, but there are times when it is the best choice for what we are battling with.

Because I do have a large family and work from home, I have done my research on realistic ways to save money on our prescription medicine. I’ve learned simple ways that will help you save money on your family’s prescriptions when you need them and that is what I am sharing with you today.


This post is sponsored by SingleCare, but all opinions are my own.




Use Generic Medication Where Possible

This is a tip that I think most people are aware of. Generics medications are almost always way cheaper than their brand equivalent, so it only makes sense to use generic when you can!  We have almost always used generic medication and have never noticed a difference in effectiveness. I used to make sure we only had the brand medication, but once I learned that the actual drug is the same in brand and generic medicine, I chose generic every time. As with all the tips I am sharing here, please make sure your doctor is comfortable with you using the generic form.

Ask for a Cheaper Alternative

If you have insurance, your insurance company decides which prescription medications they will cover and for what price. There are often several drugs that are used for the same thing, and that vary in cost. Don’t be afraid to ask your pharmacist for a less expensive alternative. You can even cal your insurance provider to see what other drugs they offer in the same category. Then, you can talk to your doctor about the alternative options you found and see if you can use the cheaper drug.



Ask Your Doctor for Coupons and Samples

You have probably seen a shelf or closet full of formula samples at your doctor’s office. Well, they often have the same type thing for medicines! These are dropped off at the office from drug reps who are trying to make sales to the office. So, often times, your doctor will have samples, coupons and vouchers for certain medications. It doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor if she has any when she is writing out a prescription!


Check with the Drug Manufacturer for Coupons/Vouchers

I remember when I used to go crazy using coupons in the grocery store. Remember that craze? Well, I made a habit out of calling the manufacturers to see if they could offer me a better deal on their products before I went shopping. It almost always worked! I ended up saving even more money that I planned and the brand made a good impression on a customer.

You can do the same thing with prescription medicine. If you have to take a brand name medication, call the drug manufacturer and see if they offer any savings coupons or vouchers. I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised.


Use a Discount Savings Program

This is one of my favorite ways to save money on prescriptions. Although we do have insurance now, there have been times over the years where our insurance has lapsed, due to self employment fun. Those were times where we prayed everyone would stay healthy! Thankfully, there are discount savings programs available, whether you have insurance or not.

One of those prescription discount savings program is SingleCare.  This is probably the easiest and most convenient for me. SingleCare has exclusive partnerships with their network of pharmacies which means they are able to bring you the most savings. SingleCare is accepted at over 35,000 pharmacies nationwide, including Walmart, Target, Kroger, Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS, and offers savings of up to 80% on 50,000 prescription medications!  I just downloaded the free app on my phone to see how much my prescriptions will cost ahead of time. It will even tell you which pharmacy has the best price, which saves you time and money!

Using the SingleCare app is super simple. You just type in the drug name and add your location to pull up all the options in your local area. It will give you the price at each pharmacy and will give you a free coupon to use! Once you choose your pharmacy, you simply submit the prescription and present that coupon code, and you are all set!

SingleCare is for those without insurance, or those who do have insurance but who are looking for additional ways to save money on prescriptions. Make sure to check with the pharmacist to see whether your prescription will be cheaper with or without your insurance. There have been many times I have opted to use only my SingleCare card!

SingleCare also offers savings on dental, vision and on-demand virtual doctor visits too, which means you can get even more benefits with just one discount card!


Save money on medication with SingleCare


Ask About a 90 Day Supply

This tip will not work with all prescription medications, of course. But, if you need to take medicine for a longer amount of time, ask if a 90 day supply will save you money. I’m sure you are familiar with this practice with other things, like paying for a yearly membership instead of monthly. It’s the same idea; often you will save money when going with a longer supply. Again, you can not do this with every prescription, so make sure to ask your pharmacist to see if your prescription qualifies.


Shop Around and Price Match

Prescription drug prices vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, which is something I wasn’t aware of. If you don’t have insurance, call a few pharmacies to see which one has the best option. Couple this with a SingleCare card, and you’ll be sure to save money!

While you are calling around, ask if the pharmacy will price match! This is especially helpful if your local pharmacy charges more and you find one that is cheaper somewhere else. A pharmacy is a business, and they are in the business of keeping their paying customers happy!



I hope these tips help you save money on prescription medicine for your family! 


save on prescription medication for your family - sponsored  by singlecare

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  • Reply
    Carla Natali
    April 1, 2019 at 8:47 am

    I love that there are people out there willing to share information that can help us save money and do things in a better, easier way.
    You´re definitely one of them, Terry!
    Thank you so much for all the tips! I´ll be sure to bookmark this so I can refer back to this article whenever I need it.

  • Reply
    April 1, 2019 at 10:27 am

    Prescription costs do add up and you’re right: it always seems like everyone needs them at the same time. Even with health insurance these costs can be huge. I had no idea you could ask the pharmacists for alternatives! And I’ll definitely have to check out the Single Care app. It sounds like a great tool for making sure you pay the least at the pharmacy. Thanks for the tips!

  • Reply
    April 1, 2019 at 2:36 pm

    Great tips that we all can use. Knowing where to look for discounts is half the battle.

  • Reply
    April 1, 2019 at 9:46 pm

    I wish these tips would work for my diabetes supplies — I have to be on specific brands and manufacturers because of trial and error to find the best products that work for me and managing my diabetes. I have used a coupon program to save $$$ on acne medication, though — always ask the dermatologist for a coupon or samples! Such a great tip. My endocrinologist used to be able to get samples from the insurance companies but they’re cutting back so much that she can’t get them anymore.

  • Reply
    Jalisa Harris
    April 3, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    Single Care is a definite must and budget friendly.

  • Reply
    Jenn Mackinnon
    April 18, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    Medicine for the family can really add up quick. I love the tips you shared as well as the information about Single Care. Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply
    Devon Bernthal
    April 18, 2019 at 12:34 pm

    I don’t have much experience with paying for meds since we are military but I know my parents spend so much money on theirs. This looks like a great way to save money on prescriptions.

  • Reply
    April 18, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    That app sounds really handy, I hadn’t thought of that. Also, a good idea to bulk buy when possible. Thanks for the tips!

  • Reply
    Omar Selvarado
    July 7, 2019 at 12:59 pm

    I would like to be able to use this app.

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