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Ways To Save Money on Beautycounter

Who doesn’t like to save money? I know very well how it feels to want or need something, but not want to spend full price. As a mom of 8, I am always looking for ways to save money and be a good steward of what we have been given. I also value high quality, clean products for my family. In order to get the best of both worlds, I have to be diligent about how I choose to spend our money. I know I am not alone in my thoughts, so I wanted to share how you can save money on Beautycounter, in multiple ways! This way, you can know you are being good stewards and not wasteful and you will be getting the best and cleanest products available for you family!

A variety of Beautycounter products displayed on a tray.

For the past four years, Beautycounter has been my favorite go-to for all of my makeup, skincare, & personal care products like deodorant! I went to one pop up as a favor to a friend, and I was forever changed. With the most rigorous safety standards in the beauty industry, over 1,800 ingredients banned from all formulations, & their commitment to overall sustainability & ethically sourced ingredients, choosing to support a certified B-Corp, like Beautycounter, definitely makes you feel good as a consumer.


With that said, there is a much higher cost to formulate, screen, source, & test every product, ingredient, & packaging that is brought to market. Beautycounter is not a drugstore or discount brand. When you choose to shop Beautycounter, you are paying for unparalleled safety, innovative formulas, beautiful sustainable packaging, & high performing products that are not only better for your skin, but also better for YOU & your health.


Even though Beautycounter is a high end clean beauty brand, there are a variety of ways to save money when shopping Beautycounter. I’ll be sharing 8 of those ways to save within this post! My best advice for anyone wanting to shop Beautycounter is to connect with a consultant. If you’re curious about what it means to be a consultant, you can read about my job as a consultant here. By connecting with a consultant, you’re able to really stay in the loop regarding promotions, sales, & anything fun going on in the world of Beautycounter! We do also have retail stores and a main website, so you do not have to shop with a consultant. However, there are numerous benefits to becoming friends with one!


SIDE NOTE: since this post is all about the difference ways to save money on Beautycounter, I do want to mention that if you do decide to shop with a consultant, that will NOT cost you any additional money! Consultants are paid commission on their sales from Beautycounter directly, not by clients or customers shopping!


So let’s get into the 8 different ways to save! There’s lots of good stuff below including how to get free shipping on your Beautycounter orders, how to claim a free $44 value welcome gift with two of my favorite products, a Beautycounter discount code that new shoppers can use, & MORE!


How to Save Money on Beautycounter!


1. Use a Beautycounter Promo Code

Beautycounter discount codes are not a common occurrence. But there is an evergreen 20% off promo code* that new clients are able to take advantage of when shopping Beautycounter for the first time for a limited time. In order to redeem this code, you must be new to shopping OR have a new email account that isn’t associated with Beautycounter yet.

Make sure to drop your email HERE & I’ll send the current 20% off Beautycounter promo code directly to your inbox with a few other fun suggestions on the best ways to shop! I’d suggest really taking advantage of these savings & putting it towards a nice size order, rather than just a single product, so you have the ability to save more.

*Some exclusions do apply. The new client 20% off Beautycounter promo code can not be used towards already discounted bundles or new product launches.



2. Join as a Band of Beauty Member

Beautycounter has a fantastic rewards program called our Band of Beauty Membership. I think joining as a Beautycounter Band of Beauty Member is the BEST way to shop Beautycounter, other than becoming a consultant of course! You can add the membership onto any order, including your first order! The Band of Beauty Membership is $29 & that will provide you with member-exclusive shopping perks for an entire calendar year.

As a Band of Beauty Member, you’re able to earn free shipping on orders over $75 USD. This is the ONLY way you can get free shipping on your Beautycounter order. Consultants like myself don’t even get free shipping, so that perk alone is great! Additionally, members earn 10% back (sometimes 20%) in product credit on all orders! This earned product credit can then be put towards another purchase at another time! Having the ability to always earn product credit is a fantastic perk when shopping Beautycounter as a member because you always have credit to put towards your next order, while simultaneously earning more! I’ve seen multiple clients of mine get products for essentially free thanks to their acquired product credit!

When you first join as a Band of Beauty Member, as long as you have $50 in your cart, you will notice a FREE welcome gift set valued at $44 USD appear in your cart! This free gift alone makes the $29 for the membership well worth it! The set includes two of my favorite products, the Overnight Resurfacing Peel & the Charcoal Mask, which can be worked into any skincare routine!

If you’re planning on shopping Beautycounter, I highly recommend joining as a member. It’s one of the best ways to save money when shopping Beautycounter & there isn’t any shady fine print regarding the membership: no auto-ship, no monthly fees, no required purchases, & it will NOT auto-renew a year later! You’ll be asked to renew and offered a free gift if you choose to, as a thank you!

3. Take advantage of seasonal sales & promos

Beautycounter has about 2-3 percentage off sales a year. Usually it’s a 15% off site wide sale…but it doesn’t come around often. Beautycounter will also run random promotions throughout the calendar year. Such promotions can include offers like double product credit for Band of Beauty Members, free shipping, or a free gift with purchase!



I’d suggest connecting with a consultant like myself so that you’re able to stay up to date on what promos are being offered & when you can expect a larger sale like our annual “Clean” Friday or Friends & Family Sale!


4. Purchase Products As You Run Out

Another way to save money with Beautycounter is to only purchase what you need & gradually make the switch over to cleaner products instead of buying everything all at once. When you run out of mascara, switch over to our clean version. Run out of shampoo or body lotion? Time to switch to clean products!

The beauty of having a consultant to assist you when shopping is also ideal in this situation because we are able to provide customized skincare & makeup recommendations based on your own unique needs. This becomes extremely beneficial because you’re not wasting money on products you don’t need.


5. Purchase bundle sets

If you are in need of a lot of things such as a makeup bag revamp or an entire new skincare regimen, Beautycounter offers discounted bundle sets for all three of our main skincare lines: CountercontrolCountermatch, & Countertime. All of our skincare lines are offered in complete skincare Regimens & Collections. The Regimens are 4-step routines & some of the items are a bit smaller than the typical full size items. And the Collections include the full skincare line & includes full size products. All skincare bundles are discounted 10%.


Beautycounter also offers a fantastic bundle called the Flawless in Five which includes 6 full size makeup products. This set is amazing for anyone looking to revamp their makeup bag with clean, high performing alternatives! The value of the Flawless in Five is $190 USD & it’s priced at $150 USD. This is how I got started when I switched my makeup.


Additionally, with the launch of the new Think Big All in One Mascara, Beautycounter recently launched two new bundles featuring the mascara! The first set is the In An Instant Bundle which includes the Think Big Mascara + the Instant Eye Makeup Remover. And the second set is called the Big Shine Duo which includes the Think Big Mascara + a Beyond Gloss Lipgloss in a shade of your choice! You can shop both of these sets for 15% off!


As I write this post, we also have a LAST CHANCE section, with so many holiday bundles that are still available and discounted! These are incredible bundles, so they may go fast!


6. Sign Up for Auto-Replenishment

Beautycounter recently rolled out an auto-replenishment program* this summer for clients who would like to utilize auto-replenishment on a select variety of products! One of the benefits of this new program is that you’re able to save 5% on your first order & 10% on all subsequent auto-replenishment orders! AND if you’re a Band of Beauty Member, you’ll also receive free shipping on all auto-replenishment orders over $50 USD.

At this time, there’s only a handful of products that are eligible for this auto-replenishment program, but more will be added soon.

Once you’re enrolled in Beautycounter’s auto-replenishment program, you’re able to cancel any future shipment up to 24 hours before your order is set to renew.

* At this time, Beautycounter’s auto-replenishment is only available in the United States. A Canada launch will be coming soon. 


7. Host an educational event with friends!

A great way to save money on Beautycounter is to connect with a consultant & host an educational event or party virtually or in person with a few family members & or friends!! As the “host” you’d have the potential to earn up to 5 free Beautycounter products & 5 half- off products, which is pretty amazing! This is a fantastic way to save money on your Beautycounter wishlist & you’ll also be helping your loved ones switch to safer products too! If you have interest in hosting a virtual event with me, please email me at cleanbeautywithterryn@gmail.com & I’ll get back to you with more details! I offer events hosted on Facebook and via text message. 


8. Start your own Beautycounter business!

The best way to save money while shopping Beautycounter is to join as an independent consultant, which is what I am! Be sure to check out my post on everything you need to know about being a Beautycounter consultant for more FAQs about the business opportunity & why I personally started my business almost two years ago. As consultants, we are able to shop with a 25% off product discount ALWAYS! We also have the opportunity to shop pre-sales for new or repacked items at an even steeper discount. Pre-sale prices are usually at a 38-40% discount.

Since there are so few requirements for Beautycounter consultants, many people join for the product discount alone & are still able to meet their six month sales requirement (more info on this requirement can be found in this post) simply because they love the products so much & find themselves shopping often!

If you have interest or additional questions about the Beautycounter business opportunity, please comment down below or send me an email at cleanbeautywithterryn@gmail.com & I will get back to you ASAP! I am also active daily on Instagram if you want to connect with me over there!


A variety of Beautycounter products on display.

I hope these suggestions on how to save money with Beautycounter are helpful if you have been eyeing Beautycounter & wanted to save some money on your first purchase – don’t forget to drop your email HERE to receive the promo code straight to your inbox!

If you are already a huge fan of the products & want to take it a step further & host a party with friends, or join as a consultant, I can’t wait to connect with you! Regardless, there’s lots of fun ways to get involved, save money, & enjoy some amazing safer beauty products!

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