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How To Join Amare Global as a Brand Partner

The world is on the cusp of a complete paradigm shift in regards to mental wellness. As THE Mental Wellness Company, Amare is proud to lead the mental wellness movement with our unique clinically validated and award winning products that help facilitate the pursuit of happiness.

With all that has happened in the last couple years, people are seeking help for their mental wellness more than ever before. Not only that, but we are realizing just how important mental health is and that we don’t have to hide our anxiety, our sadness, depression, fatigue or any other emotion. People are finally talking openly and honestly about mental health and it’s a beautiful thing!


What Is Amare Global?


Amare Global is a wellness company that focuses on mental wellness and gut-brain axis optimization. Amare is known as “THE MENTAL WELLNESS COMPANY.” They offer a range of nutritional supplements and products designed to support mental and physical well-being. Amare’s mission is to empower people to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives by promoting a holistic approach to wellness.

Amare takes a unique approach to mental wellness by recognizing the connection between the gut and the brain. Their products are formulated with scientifically backed ingredients that aim to optimize the gut-brain axis, supporting mental clarity, cognitive function, mood balance, and stress management.

The company was founded in 2016 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and wellness industry professionals who wanted to address the growing need for mental wellness solutions. Amare’s product line includes various supplements, such as mood-enhancing formulas, probiotics, and nutritional blends that target specific wellness concerns.


Why Join Amare as a Brand Partner?

Financial health has a tremendous impact on mental wellness, which can affect all areas of life. In fact, over 64% of Americans name money as one of the most significant stressors in their lives.

Amare’s compensation plan is one of the most competitive and innovative business models in the industry.

Mental wellness is essential for everyone to live happier lives and we are the catalyst for that movement.

Our Flourish and Well team has the tools and resources you need to not only improve your own mental wellness, but for you to build a business that you never thought possible. The momentum of this company is huge right now and we are just getting started!



More info for you:

How Do I Join Amare as a Brand Partner?


If you are ready to join and start your business, I hope you are ready for what is to come! This is such an exciting time to jump in and be part of something huge like this! Not only that, but with our flagship product, Happy Juice, we are literally changing lives. Happy Juice is going viral all over social media right now, for good reason!


Let’s do this!

I suggest grabbing your own Happy Juice pack to start with. We do have other launch packs available, but most people choose to start with Happy Juice, as that is what we have become known for. Whatever you choose to start with, you’ll want to make sure your order is $129.95 in order to waive the affiliate fee.

–> If you join now, your $70 affiliate fee is waived when you grab your Happy Juice! <–





What’s Next?

Congrats! Like I said, get ready for a wild ride! Make sure to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram so I can connect you with our team page. You will also want to download the Boards app, since we provide all the images, videos and copy and resources you need for your business. I’ll make sure to invite you to our next New Brand Partner launch call and set you up for success!




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