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Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Curriculum Review

Although we have been homeschooling for nine years already, math has always been one of those subjects that has been a bit of a struggle. I have used some great math programs that worked well for awhile, and some that we gave up on quickly after starting. One math program that I always wanted to try was Teaching Textbooks, but the price prevented me from taking the plunge. With a large family, I just couldn’t spend that much on one subject each year. I had a feeling Teaching Textbooks would be the program to change the dynamics in our homeschool, but I held out in favor of other programs.

This all changed this year when Teaching Textbooks came out with their Version 3.0! They graciously offered me a family subscription in exchange for my honest review, and I was thrilled for the opportunity!

Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Review and limited time giveaway


If you are familiar with Teaching Textbooks at all, you know the program comes with a workbook and CD’s. Well now, with the 3.0 version, it is ALL ONLINE! This means no more CD’s, no books…simple! You can still access the e-book on the website if you need it, and you can still use the workbook from 2.0 if you have that. But you don’t need them! My kids love that they don’t have math books anymore! I love it because it means less we have to store and lug around. It makes it so simple!

With the 3.0 you will get better audio quality and additional features that I will share with you, but the educational value will still be completely equal to the 2.0.



Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Pre Algebra



I have mixed opinions over this feature, but I appreciate them giving this option. I know sometimes it can be hard on a child’s moral if they get a low grade or many problems incorrect. As a parent, you can go into the grade book and delete individual wrong answers so that the child can go back and do JUST the problems missed over again. Then, you can choose to give the second grade. It also lets you see how many attempts were made before asking for a hint, which I find even more useful.


If your child needs some help when working on a problem, they can ask for a hint to help them. This should help jog their memory and make them think about the problem differently. You can turn this feature off if you would prefer.


With Teaching Textbooks 3.0, you have all grades stored online. You can see them for each lesson and test and individual problems, and can access them from anywhere. Even if your subscription lapses, Teaching Textbooks will still continue to store those grades online for you, should you need them.

Teaching Textbooks gradebook


I really appreciate this feature, as we are currently living in an RV and will be traveling. You can use Teaching Textbooks on mobile devices. Personally, I can’t imagine doing school work on a phone, but the option is there if you need to. We have done math on a tablet quite a few times and it worked out very well.


This is more fun for my younger students. They can customize their sounds and wallpaper and choose different buddies to help them through their lessons! I think that is such a cute feature that they added for the new 3.0 version.



Teaching Textbooks 3.0 is a year long subscription, but you have the option of pausing your subscription for a total of 3 months on the plan. This can be helpful when taking vacations or breaking for the holidays or when illness strikes.


The customer service is amazing. Should you need assistance, you will speak to a real person willing to help you. They also offer free tutoring! You can set up a call with a tutor who will help your child in an area they are struggling with. I find this so reassuring as we enter the high school years!


If you have a large family like me, you will love this! Teaching Textbooks offers a FAMILY PLAN for their 3.0 version! This FAMILY PLAN allows for families with 4-8 students to have a year long subscription for each student at an extremely affordable rate! I was paying far more each year for their math curriculum. This discount plan is truly incredible. To know I will always have this discount available to me no matter how many students I am teaching is a huge blessing! This makes it easy for us to continue with Teaching Textbooks 3.0 year after year.

Teaching Textbook Family Plan


With a large family, I knew it wasn’t realistic for me to continue teaching math, in the style I was, to each of my children. I make it a point to grade each day and it was becoming very tedious to correct so many different grade levels, and to wrap my brain around the different levels when I was correcting. I also want my children to become more and more independent as they get older, and not every math program allows for this. Teaching Textbooks has given my children the independence that they need and has allowed me the flexibility that was needed in a large family. It has also given my children an excitement for math again! They argue about who is going to get to do math first in the mornings!


PLEASE NOTE: Teaching Textbooks does not go by grade level. It is important to have your child take the PLACEMENT TEST to see which level they should start with. My children were all over the place when we started, so the placement test was so helpful.



Teaching Textbooks 3.0 free trial



You can get a FREE TRIAL of Teaching Textbooks 3.0 to see if it’s a good fit for your family.  Have your children take the placement test and try it out for awhile to see how they like it. You can try as many levels as you want, too!

CLICK HERE to get started with your free trial, but not before looking below!


As a special gift to my readers, I am able to give away a FULL YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to Teaching Textbooks to one of you! When you sign up for the free trial, you can also enter to win a full year subscription! Enter the giveaway below and make sure to complete all the options, so you get  more entries in the giveaway! Each entry has a point number assigned to it so you can see how many entries you have. Must be 18 to enter. Contest will end Wednesday, September 5, 2018.


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