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What Happens When I Become A LipSense Distributor?

Congratulations on starting your own Senegence/LipSense business! I am sure you are thrilled, but you also may be a bit lost as to what to do next. Don’t be worried about that, I am going to help you through everything! (If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so HERE).


After you sign up, you will receive some emails. You will get an email from Senegence, welcoming you to the company and giving you some important information about your account and Back Office. Make sure to save this email. You may want to create a Senegence folder in your inbox. You will also receive an email from me with some Important Next Steps, a Welcome Packet and a link to join our Team Facebook Group. In that group, there will be tons of resources available to you for every part of your business.

I will be following up with you weekly via email, messenger, or a phone call for your first month to make sure you are on track with your goals. Your first 30 days can set the tone for your business, so I want to help you start off running!

I provide trainings on social media and blogging, if that is how you want to build your business. We also have monthly incentives, inspiration, and tons of support. You will learn how to network and grow your business without being spammy and cold messaging friends from long ago.


This post is just a quick glimpse into what is provided when you become a distributor on our team. You can expect full support and tons of amazing ladies to connect with on your journey!


Where Should I Start?

Good question! I know it can seem overwhelming. You are so excited to start and you just don’t know how!

Start simple. Read the emails you got from Senegence and from me, and make sure to store them in a safe place. Take a look at your Back Office and familiarize yourself with it. This will be the hub of your business! There is a wealth of information in your Back Office…almost never ending!

Download and/or print the Product Guide from your Back Office, take a look at the videos and trainings in there and just browse around. Don’t go through everything all at once, just get a feel for it, and go back daily to learn something new.

Check the files in the team page, as there is also tons of information in there.


Set Yourself Up For Success

Understand the discount structure of your business. This is important because you want to know how to earn the most profit and maximize your savings.

Don’t forget – in your first 30/60/90 days, you can take advantage of the Jump Start program and get 50% off retail and earn over $1200 in products.

You do not need to run out and get supplies right away. Many people choose to place their 300pv and sell that before purchasing supplies, so they will have money in hand. However, if you choose to buy supplies right away, these are some things I suggest:

  • 4×6 sheer organza bags
  • 4×8 Bubble mailers
  • 6×10 Bubble mailers
  • Disposable Applicators
  • Carrying Case
  • Carrying Case for Demos
  • Tester labels


Taking Payments

Many distributors choose to invoice via PayPal or Square. Use whatever you are comfortable with.



I use and highly recommend Trello…desktop or the app. It’s amazing and free! I organize my whole life with Trello!



I also use a paper planner, because I am a paper person at heart! This is the one I use, but you can use any planner that you will actually use.

Set up files on your computer now, so you will be organized right from the start. Decide where you will store your files…desktop, folders, in the cloud. Do you need to upgrade your storage? Do you need to download any apps to help you take better selfies or keep your organized?


Share Your Excitement!

You are excited, right? Share that with others! Tell your family and friends that you just found this amazing product and you know they would love it! If you signed up for the business opportunity first, share that excitement! I promise you, there are other women out there, just like you, who would love if someone told them about this opportunity.

Don’t be salesy, or pushy. Don’t cold message people you haven’t spoken to in years. Just be real, and give without expecting to receive. Focus on others. You have a gift, just share it.


And always, reach out with any questions! I am so happy you have joined our Sisterhood! 


What happens after you start your LipSense business? Next steps? What training will you receive? Where should you put your focus? This should clear up all your questions so you can focus on building your business with excitement! #wahm #lipsense #workfromhome #sahm #makemoneyonline #directsales

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  • Reply
    susie liberatore
    May 30, 2018 at 9:23 am

    MLM is so unique and fun. I see so many people succeeding with these businesses! Congrats

  • Reply
    Paula @ I'm Busy Being Awesome
    May 30, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Hooray! I am SO excited to get started <3 I'm dedicating this afternoon to digging into the new information I've received. Thanks for sharing all of this great information – it is so helpful 🙂

  • Reply
    Patricia @ Grab a Plate
    May 30, 2018 at 9:39 pm

    What a great business to be part of! I’ve seen this brand at parties before and everyone loved them!

  • Reply
    May 31, 2018 at 1:47 am

    I never knew any of this. Pretty cool.

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