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Our Learning Curve || A Curriculum Review

Our Learning Curve is a resource for children of color, families raising children of color, and diverse classrooms. We provide impactful curriculum and unit studies that promote multicultural learning, self-reflection and self-identity, and self-esteem. We’re excited to be participating in the Wading in Curriculum Series at Just a Simple Home.   Culturally inclusive homeschooling is homeschooling that is culturally responsive. It facilitates the learning of all peoples. This means that it takes into consideration and includes persons of varying or…

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5 In Homeschooling

All About Spelling || A Review & GIVEAWAY!

I have been wanting to tryΒ All About Spelling for several years and last summer I decided this would be the year. At first, I only planned to use the program with my youngest two children and purchased another spelling program for the older four. One of the reasons it took me so long to bite the bullet and buy All About Spelling was that it is not an independent program; you need to sit and teach each student. And spelling…

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