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6 Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Home Decorating

Hi y’all, I’m Lynn from Back to the South and I’m so excited to be sharing six ways to help you simplify decorating your home for the holidays! I can’t believe it’s already the holiday season. It seems as if we were just celebrating 2017 and here we are close to saying goodbye to it! This is
one of my favorite times of the year, but it can also be very stressful.

The six tips I’m sharing with you today will keep you from feeling stressed and overwhelmed with decorating your home so you can have fun with your holiday decor!

6 Ways to simplify your Home Decor For the Holidays

1. Use what you have

When it comes to keeping things simple with your home decor, it’s best to start with what you have and do what I like to call “shopping in your own home.” Do you have throws hiding in a closet you don’t use? Silk flowers put away in a box collecting dust? Candleholders in the guest room and you don’t have anyone coming to visit for the holidays? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re ahead! Why? Because you already have decor you can use and you didn’t even have to leave your house!

Go through your house and look for things that are either stored away in a box or bag. Go through the rooms in your house and see what can be used. For example, for my Fall decor, I went shopping in my house first. I had 3 glass vases in my shed from when I lived in my apartment a few years ago. I went to the craft store, bought some white chalk paint and painted them. That project cost me $3.00 and 1 hour of my time. Guess what? I’ll be using those vases all the time now! You can grab your cake stand and instead of using it for a cake, add a few sparkly ornaments or place some greenery on the plate, add a candle and voila! So before you go running around shopping for decor, go running around your house to
see what you can find!

2. Less is More

When it comes to decor, I always say, sometimes less is more. You don’t need to go over the top to have nice holiday decor. Something as simple as a throw, a tray and a coffee cup used to hold flowers, looks fantastic! It’s the small touches that make an impact. Go for the impact areas or areas that are already beautiful and nice and adding just a small decor item will add a nice touch.

Remember decorating isn’t just about what you see; think about the 5 senses, see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. When someone walks into your home, with just a few candles or burning potpourri, you and your guests can begin to feel the holidays as soon as you enter a room! In my holiday home decorating guide HERE, I share over 50 ways you can decorate your home for the holidays that are simple and easy.



3. Decide where you’ll decorate and stick to the plan

Decide upfront which rooms you’ll decorate for the holiday. Every room in your house does not have to have holiday decor. I only decorate my first floor and I don’t decorate the entire first floor. Choose the room(s) that are used the most so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor; for most homes that is the living room or the kitchen. After you’ve chosen the room, decide which parts of the room you’ll decorate. Do you want to add holiday cheer to the sofa? The tables? The mantle or the fireplace? Again, each part of the room doesn’t have to be decorated (remember #2).
Once you’ve decided the where and what, stick to it! There is some amazing and adorable decor out there, but don’t fall into that trap. Make your list and stick to it.

4. Decorate for more than one season

Did you know decor can last for more than one season? By keeping things neutral or finding decor elements that will go with another season or holiday, you’ll cut down on the work and get a chance to enjoy your beautifully decorated home longer. And who couldn’t use less things to do and more pretty things to look at? Using candles and throws in neutral colors, glitter and sparkles are good any time of the year, don’t you think?

5. Start now

One of the easiest ways to keep your stress level down during the holidays with your decor is to start early; now is a great time! The earlier you start, the more time you give yourself and the less rushed you’ll feel. If you’re in the store and you see something that you need for your decor, go ahead and get it now rather than waiting until later. Many stores are already having sales on holiday decor. Why pay more for something when you don’t have to?


6. Remember what matters most during the holidays


Now it probably seems odd this is a part of a decor post but it really makes perfect sense. Is your to-do list a mile long around the holidays? I know that mine is ridiculously long. It’s full of errands that need to be run, meals that need to be planned, gifts that need to be purchased and a ton of other things. At times, I can work myself into a complete tizzy (that’s southern for “fit”) because I want everything to be pretty, go smoothly, and my family and friends to have a wonderful time. I drive my poor husband crazy, but it comes from a place of love. In years past, I’ve been so tired, I couldn’t really enjoy myself. Y’all last year the microwave died 2 days before Thanksgiving. I thought I was going to pass out! One year, I forgot butter for the rolls…I can go on and on about all the mishaps, but guess what? No one cared and no one noticed. No one cared that we had to use the backup microwave (which is super small) that took forever to heat up their leftovers. No one cared there wasn’t butter for the rolls; they used cranberry sauce. No one cared that year I forgot the centerpiece for the table. I was the only one that cared and wore myself out.

Guess what everyone does remember? Some of the horrible gifts that came up during the white elephant gift exchange and the huge laughs we had around them. They remember the dancing we did. They remember playing the game Taboo (you truly get to know how someone’s mind works when you play that game).

So while you’re making that to-do list that inevitably always grows, remember that what’s most important is enjoying time with your friends and family. Keep it simple.

Don’t forget to grab your FREE Holiday Decorating Guide with over 50 ideas!


I’m Lynn, wife of an Army Vet, stepmom, DIYer, and self-titled, wannabe interior designer. Back to the South is where I share my DIY home projects, home decor tips, and I forgot, I absolutely love to cook! I believe in living simple and being creative to create a warm and loving home for you, your family, and friends.



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