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Emmanuel Grapevine Wreath Ornament

This impressionistic ornament helps us remember that God came to be with us as Emmanuel. You may want to supervise your children when they make this ornament, as it does use hot glue or tacky glue.


Emmanuel Grapevine Wreath Ornament


Small grapevine wreath (available at Michaels and Hobby Lobby)

White felt, cut to approximately 5 inches by 2 inches

Hot glue or tacky glue

Wood bead

Yellow chenille stem, cut to approximately 3 inches

White craft foam, cut into banners

Black pen

Ornament hook




  1. Twist the chenille stem into a loop. Place a small dot of glue into one side of the wood bead and then slide the twisted end of the chenille loop into the hole. Allow to dry and then bend the loop into a halo over the wood bead.



2. Meanwhile, roll up the strip of white felt. Place a thin line of glue at the end of the strip and then press the end into the rolled up piece to secure the roll. Bend the roll of felt slightly in the middle and then glue into the grapevine wreath.



3. Glue the wood bead into the space where the felt roll meets the grapevine wreath to be the head of the baby.



4. Write the word “Emmanuel” on the banner-shaped craft foam. Glue the foam onto the grapevine wreath over the baby.




5. Attach an ornament hook to the back of the grapevine wreath for hanging.



Notes: The exact size of the bead and white felt strip will depend on the size of the grapevine wreath. For a more polished look, you can use a cutting machine to cut the banner from the foam as well as the text.

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