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Mason Grove Farm ~ A New Company Founded on Faith & Family

Faith ~ Family ~ Farm

This is what we lead with at Mason Grove Farm. I finally found where I belong in this online space and I am beyond thrilled. I would love to welcome you to the Mason Grove Farm experience and opportunity. If you are new here, my name is Terryn and I am a homeschooling mom to 8 children, ranging from brand new to high school age.

I have been with a few social selling companies over the last 18 years or so. I have joined a few just because I love the products, but I never actually did the business side. Something always seemed to be missing.  If you saw me share on Instagram, I feel like I have been waiting for a long time to find a company like MASON GROVE FARM, a place where support, training, unconditional acceptance, values, faith, and friendships are what make its culture one that I am proud to be a part of. We are Faith. We are Family. We are Mason Grove Farm. Welcome Home.


Experience the Brand

Mason Grove Farm is a farm-to-home, clean lifestyle brand bringing the classic American Dream into your modern day world.

We are a southern mercantile experience offering wildcrafted spa and body care, apothecary, wellness, clean baby & puppy collections that are handcrafted with ingredients sourced indigenously from all over the world.

Our home decor line exemplifies artisan-crafted beauty that brings family together and nourishes the soul. If you are a lover of Chip and Joanna, you’ll love Mason Grove Farms.

What We Offer

We promise an unforgettable online shopping experience that expands to reach your every need!  From pure, hand poured spa products to artisan-made home accents, beauty and quality are at the heart of each item we offer.

Our customizable face and body products, soothing baby line, herbal apothecary, clean puppy, and timeless home decor create a selection of products from farm-to-home that is like no other.

From our family to yours, Mason Grove Farm brings together a specially selected curation made just for you!

~ If you would like to be kept in the loop on specials and sales and new lines, or the business opportunity, fill out this form so I know how to best serve you. ~

Clean Skin Care

Hand-crafted and poured, our products are specially made with oils and butters organically sourced from all over the world.  Our skin and beauty products are made with simple, natural ingredients and are chemical and preservative free. They truly come directly from the farm and are curated with love and attention to every detail.


Collagen + is a one scoop wonder, going beyond industry standards by containing 35 proprietary ingredients.  Contains all 5 Collagens, 11g protein, herbs, probiotics, and full vitamin B complex. Made from the highest quality ingredients, this tasteless supplement is meant to give you an all-in one wellness boost. As a busy mom of 8, I was a little skeptical when I tried this. My needs go beyond the basic needs of energy! This collagen has surpassed all my expectations and I have been pleasantly shocked at all the benefits I have seen in just a short time of using it. Remarkable! We will be having a FREE SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE in The Gathering soon and you can hear more about our Collagen and learn some health tips along the way. Join in even if you don’t have the collagen!


Organically sourced herbal apothecary, hand poured, with natural medicinal properties.

Clean Puppy Line

And coming soon…

Clean Baby Line

Farmhouse Decor Line

Whether you are curious about our products, becoming a founding partner, or just want a community to chat about natural living, babies, wellness, pets, and more, join us at THE GATHERING by clicking the image below. Welcome Home!


Become a Brand Partner

Love clean skincare? Addicted to home decor? Do you share what you love on social media?

Why not become a part of the “farm-ily” and own your own online southern mercantile and earn commissions on any sales from your personal link. This is a “ground floor opportunity” and it is so exciting to see where God is leading us! I would love to lock arms with you!

Compensation Plan

Our generous compensation plan offers a discount on Mason Grove Farm products, generous commissions, bonuses, an amazing ground-floor opportunity.

Take a look at our full compensation plan and see what we have to offer!



Mason Grove Farm

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