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DIY Fall Farmhouse Clothesline Pumpkin

This Farmhouse style Pumpkin DIY is so cute, and you’d never know it was made from a clothesline! If you have some rope, you could do the same thing. I chose a clothesline because it is naturally a longer piece of rope. The only thing you may have to pick up is a pineapple decor item from your local dollar store. So simple and so affordable!


This adorable DIY Pumpkin would look great on top of a bookshelf, your coffee station, or as a table centerpiece! Top it with my Farmhouse Mini Book Stack and you have a perfect eye catcher for fall!


DIY Fall Farmhouse Clothesline Pumpkin:



Dollar Tree Pineapple décor

Clothesline (mine is from Walmart)

Hot glue gun


Wine cork

Raffia (mine was from dollar tree)



Start by unwrappying the gold tinsel from around the pineapple. The top section will just pop off.


Next add a thin line of hot glue to the bottom edge of the pineapple and add the clothesline on top. Repeat this process until you reach the top of the pineapple (I didn’t have to glue around every time, just when I was going around one of the green edges.


Once you reach the top, add hot glue to the inner side of the clothesline to form the top section, You just need to leave enough space for the wine cork to fit. And then trim once you reach this point.



I added a little bit of hot glue to the wine cork to make sure that it securely stayed inside the top of the pumpkin.



I took 2 pieces of raffia and tied them into a bow around the wine cork at top of the pumpkin!




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