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Thank you for considering sponsoring my site. I promise to work to my full potential when promoting your brand. 


I believe in leading with your heart, in giving more than receiving, in community.


You can grow your following authentically, and have someone to support you and encourage you. That is my favorite part of this whole blogging thing – the community, the friendships. That is why my online communities have the word “Heart” associated with them.


Just A Simple Home reaches over 100K+ women each month, and is growing steadily. Our audience is made up of mom with two or more children, ages 25-45. The majority of our readers are based in the United States and Canada. Our moms are looking for ways to simplify and organize their lives. Many are homeschool moms who have chosen to stay home to educate their children and need some direction and support.


Just A Simple Home focuses on encouraging moms to be their best self. Women come here looking for advice on personal and home organization, homeschooling, healthy living, natural products, wellness, planning, and a variety of other topics.


Just A Simple Home averages 55,000 pageviews each month. I have more than 18K highly active email subscribers with an 8% click through rate and an open rate of 30%. Pinterest remains one of my most active platforms, with repins in the thousands and ten thousands. Instagram is also a highly active and engaged community and much of my brand work occurs there.


I am confident I can get your product seen in a natural and strategic way.  Although JustASimpleHome is a lifestyle blog for moms, I have a background in social media marketing and have helped numerous entrepreneurs and companies build business and promote their products. I understand how to market a product, and since I only advertise products I can stand behind, it makes my job easy, and authentic.


My ad packages are simple. I sell entire site-wide sponsorships, and I welcome one sponsor per month. Your product is my only promotional priority, featured throughout JustASimpleHome, in email, and in social media.

If you would prefer a small, one time only project, please email me ( to view my rates.

What you’ll receive for an entire month:

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Sitewide sponsorship:

  • Leaderboard ad in the header of the homepage (dimensions: 100h x 700w)
  • Square ad in the top right sidebar of the homepage (dimensions: 250h x 350w)
  • Middle leaderboard ad in the middle of every article (dimensions: 100h x 300w or text ads)

Email sponsorship:

  • A dedicated email ad spot (dimensions: 150h x 600w or text ads) in every weekly email
  • One dedicated promotional email to my list (you provide the copy/images)

Blog post sponsorship:

  • First month: A natural review of your product.
  • Months thereafter: A mention of your product OR a giveaway (you provide the products).

Social sponsorship:

  • A mention in my Twitter profile (Terryn is sponsored by @yourcompany)
  • One Tweet per week with whatever message you choose
  • One post on Facebook per week featuring whatever message you choose
  • Mentions on Instagram throughout the month
  • Multiple pins on Pinterest


  • January – Reserved
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  • October – Available
  • November –Available
  • December – Available

Amount is due in full at the time of reservation.

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I welcome the opportunity to work with brands and products that fit well in my niche, including the following:

• Brand ambassador
• Product Reviews
• Social Media Influencer
• Giveaways

I am also open to other collaboration opportunities so feel free to contact me with other projects you have in mind. I am very selective and will only promote products that I would personally use myself.

Facebook: 10,000
Twitter: 6,770
Pinterest: 33,340
Instagram: 27,000


I look forward to working with you!