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Simplified Homeschool Planner

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Planning Out Your Homeschool Curriculum

Planning our curriculum…. the phrase gets us homeschool moms all excited, doesn’t it?   I don’t know about you, but I seriously love all things planning. I plan and then I plan again, and then I switch things around so I can plan some more. Just kidding!   But really, summer is already here, and as a homeschooling mom, this means I need to start planning for our upcoming school year. I find the best time to plan the new…

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The Simplified Homeschool Planner

Most homeschool moms I know love all the planning that goes into homeschooling. We plan, knowing full well that our plans likely will go awry as the school year goes on. But still, we do it anyway! We watch videos about curriculum plans and schedules and chat non stop about our intended plans for the upcoming school year. And we all love it.   Introducing… THE SIMPLE HOMESCHOOL PLANNER! NOTE: I have now used this same planner for 6 years…

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