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An Honest Horizons Math Review

 Ensuring your child has a strong math foundation is crucial to later success. So often homeschool moms feel pressure to choose the “right” math curriculum for their child. What if they don’t understand it? What if I choose the wrong program and my child ends up hating math? So many questions! Well, today I’m going to answer those questions when it comes to Horizons Math from Alpha Omega. Let’s get started! This post contains affiliate links. What is Horizons? Horizons Math is…

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The Best Homeschool Math While Roadschooling

Homeschooling can be a wild ride all on it’s own, can’t it? There are so many hills and valleys and each day looks different from the next. Once we think we have a hold on our routine, something comes along and shakes us up again. That is what happened to my family over this last year. I had everything all planned out and things were rolling along, as seamlessly as possible. And then, we found ourselves roadschooling! If you have given…

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Free Homeschool Book Report Printables

As a homeschooling mom, sometimes I want to give my kids a fun way to work on comprehension and writing. A little something different than their usual Language Arts curriculum. My kids love filling out worksheets that are based around a season or a holiday, so I created some simple Book Report printables. These FREE Book Report forms are a nice way to ease your child into book reports or book reviews. They guide them in the writing and review process and…

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Tips To Start Your Homeschool Week On The Right Foot

Every week, I see the memes about how much people dread Mondays. I hear from moms who can’t wait to have their children back in school, and honestly, it makes me sad. Mondays may be my favorite day of the week. I love our lazy Saturdays and going to church on Sundays, but there is something about the fresh start of a Monday that brings me such joy. I’m so thankful that Monday doesn’t have to bring me trepidation as…

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The Good And The Beautiful Review || Level 6 Language Arts

You may have seen that we have been using The Good And The Beautiful curriculum in our homeschool for a little while now. My son uses and loves Sonlight and hopes to use their curriculum through high school. But my girls, especially the older ones, have been craving a little something different. After searching and researching, I came across The Good And The Beautiful and knew we had found a good fit. Jenny Phillips, the author of the curriculum, offers…

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Organizing Your Digital Homeschool Resources

If you have been homeschooling for any length of time, you likely have amassed a pile of digital resources. This could be homeschool curriculum, websites and login information, online classes or tutorials or a vast number of other things. I know in the beginning of my homeschool journey, I purchased a lot of digital curriculum, because I knew I could just print it out again for the next child when needed. I wish I had realized then that my lack…

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Get Your Homeschool Supplies Together With Free Printable

Back To Homeschool season isn’t quite here yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning! Part of planning means stocking up on school supplies and who doesn’t like that? My kids and I love going to the office supply store and stocking up for the year! And then they love when we go back again halfway through our year! Before we can actually do the shopping for school supplies, I make sure to sit down and make a list…

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Simple Solutions to Homeschooling On The Road With Sonlight

Have you ever panicked a bit when you had life throw you a loop? Or when you were planning a family vacation and knew it wasn’t your scheduled homeschool break? Now, of course…part of the beauty of homeschooling is that we can be flexible and change things as needed. I have taken advantage of that countless times over the years! Over this past year, we have moved, lived in a hotel for awhile between houses, and have taken a few…

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Free Grocery List Printable For Moms

Meal planning and grocery lists go hand in hand, right? I have explained a few times how important I think meal planning is, and having a list attached to that meal plan makes shopping that much easier. I don’t know about you, but I am way too busy to keep things in my head anymore! I always make my meal plan on Saturday and then make my grocery list right after. I keep it on my fridge throughout the week…

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Free Meal Planning Printable for Moms

If you’ve been around me for any length of time, you know I am a huge proponent for meal planning. I believe meal planning is crucial to the way my family functions. When I do not take the time to sit down and meal plan for the week, even on a small scale, it throws the week into chaos and I can’t seem to ever catch up. I take some time each Saturday and write out a meal plan for…

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