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Free First Aid Printable Worksheet Bundle

As homeschool moms, we can sometimes get caught up in teaching the core subjects of reading, writing, math, history, science. While I absolutely believe in focusing on these core subjects when your children are young or in certain seasons, it is important to touch on some other ideas in our homeschool. Often times, things like first aid will come up in a natural conversation when it becomes necessary.   But having a few resources on hand when these natural conversations…

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Sonlight Box Day! | Opening Up Our Homeschool Curriculum

TODAY IS BOX DAY! What does that mean? In the homeschool world, it means we get to open our HUGE box of homeschool curriculum! Although we have homeschooled for 7 years, we have never had an official ‘box day’ as I have always pieced our curriculum together. So, today is our very first Sonlight box day and the kids couldn’t be more excited. We are so thankful to Sonlight for graciously giving us one all-subject package and I will be…

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