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Simple Christmas Decor

Take a deep cleansing breath. I am about to tell you that it is ok for every room NOT to drip with Christmas decor.  Now release it.  Repeat after me, Simple is Beautiful.  Repeat until you believe it!

I used to decorate every room in my house and have a tree for every room.  At one point I believe I was decorating over 20 trees in my house.  I loved it. I thought I needed to do that to make the house all Christmasy and cozy.  I have learned that it is ok to reduce the amount of decor in the house. I still put touches in every room, but not every room has a fully decorated tree!


Simple Christmas Decor ideas to help you simplify the season


Here is a collection of simple, yet beautiful things to do in your home to celebrate the holiday but not overwhelm you or take over the house!  If you have something you do, let us know! Let’s learn how to embrace simple decorating!


Simple Christmas Decor:

1.  A way to display your Christmas cards like I did here.

2.  Your main Christmas tree.  Theme, no theme?  Here’s how to decorate a tree!

3.  Something that says “Christmas” in your kitchen.  For me it is my Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

4.  Something simple in your bedroom, like a bowl of ornaments you decided not to use, a jar of candy canes, a basket of snowballs (the fake ones!)

5.  Something for your mantle.  Simple photos of past family Christmases is lovely!


That’s it!  Honestly!  You will get a beautiful sense of Christmas where ever you go in your house. I like to add some peppermint and fir essential oils in my diffuser to expand the Christmas feeling even further!

I created a post of my favorite simple ideas on my blog today.  Come and check it out!  All are simple ideas that you will love.  Remember, Simple is Beautiful!


Terri Steffes is the elf behind Christmas Tree Lane! For her, Christmas is a feeling that lasts all year long. She believes in the Christmas Spirit!  For her, decorating for Christmas is about the look on her family’s face when they walk in the door and see the twinkling lights and cheery decor. She loves the anticipation of the arrival of Santa, being a hostess of a holiday party and the giving of gifts to friends and loved ones.  She loves the awe in the children’s eyes as they take it all in.  To say it simply, she loves all things Christmas!






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  • Reply
    Terri Steffes
    November 3, 2017 at 9:37 am

    It was my pleasure to work with you, Terryn! I loved writing this important post.

  • Reply
    Lynn Woods
    November 3, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    These are such great ideas. You’re right, holiday decorations don’t have to be over the top. Smells are another easy way to decorate your home. Nothing like the smell of cinnamon or pine to get me in a holiday mood!

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