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17 In Christmas - Simplify The Season

Getting Organized For The Holiday Season

Once December arrives and we all realize that Christmas is right around the corner, the scurrying to get our homes organized for the holiday season begins. This can become overwhelming- trying to not only shop for gifts, decorate for the holiday season but also clean and organize your home for guests. I recommend getting an early start. Creating a holiday plan will help you will stay on track and enjoy the holidays more.   GET ORGANIZED FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON:…

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29 In Homemaking/ Organizing

How and Why to Start Meal Planning

Meal Plan- Busy Mom- Meal Prep - How to Meal Plan - How to Meal Prep

Moms, we hear it all the time, don’t we? The question that can make us sigh and roll our eyes or want to hide in a corner. We don’t know the answer today and we know we won’t have the answer tomorrow.   “Mom, what’s for dinner?”   If your house is anything like mine, the questions start around 10AM- right after they’ve had breakfast and a snack. As a homeschool mom, I love and encourage curious minds, but seriously?…

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