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Declutter Challenge {Day 7} Books

This task pains me…. As you probably noticed yesterday, I am not much of a shoe person. Books however, are my lifeline. I am the person who can never have enough books and I have raised my family to feel the same way. When we are bored, we go to the library. When we want to go somewhere for the day as a family, we make sure there is a bookstore nearby. I also have a Nook so I can…

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Declutter Challenge {Day 6} Shoes

Ok ladies…this one may be tough for some of you! In full disclosure, I have never really been a shoe person. I know, I am the odd one! My mother would be embarrassed to see my admit this, lol. But I just appreciate comfort over style- and I have small, wide feet which  makes shoe shopping awkward. Anyway, simply because of my family’s size, we have a lot of shoes. Shoes are everywhere…and yet…we are always missing shoes. The kids…

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Declutter Challenge {Day 5} Spices

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend and had some downtime. I know my family did…it was so beautiful out and we just relaxed and played outside all weekend long. Some much needed family time! Now it is time to get back to the grind! Today, we are tackling our spices. Day 5: Spices You may have your spices in a kitchen cabinet, on a rack, in a drawer, or something else completely. Today we are going to…

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Decluttering Challenge {Day 2} Lids and Covers

Welcome back! I know yesterday’s task of organizing paperwork was a bit much, I really do. However, it is a necessary evil, and now it done! I loved seeing the pictures you all posted yesterday- you have some great ideas! Let’s keep the momentum going… Today’s task is going to be quick and simple. We are going into our kitchen cabinets to organize all those LIDS AND COVERS. Day 2: LIDS AND COVERS This might be something you hardly ever…

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3 Simple Ways to get More Organized TODAY

I seem to go through seasons where I feel the need to get organized NOW. Typically, it’s the start of a new year, and the start of school in September, and then there’s the start of summer. I don’t know why summer brings about my need to organize, but it does. Maybe it’s all the outside time we get – then I come inside and always feel like things are in disarray. Regardless of why, I am in one of…

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