Free Community Groups

Hey, sweet friend!

I am so glad you are here and I pray you can find some encouragement. I believe we are always better in a community where we can be ourselves and thrive. Having a blog is a wonderful outlet, but sometimes I need more communication. Know what I mean? So, I have a few free groups that I host, and you are more than welcome to join one or more, depending on what you are seeking.



BLOGGING WITH HEART – This community is a place for female bloggers to support and encourage one another to grow their businesses. Our focus is on friendship and inspiration, making this one of the best communities for women bloggers. If you are a female blogger who leads with heart, join us HERE

HOMESCHOOL WITH HEART – This is a group for homeschool moms who want a place to feel supported and encouraged as they navigate the world of homeschooling. Homeschooling is one of the best decisions we have made for our family, but that doesn’t mean it is easy! We can share tips and resources with each other, ask questions and get feedback, and build friendships along the way.

BIBLE JOURNALING FOR MOMS – This is a group to come together and illustrate your faith, in whatever way that means for you. I often have little ones at my feet or right beside me when I journal. This is for you whether you journal in your Bible, take notes in your Bible, use a notebook, anything!

HEALTH & WELLNESS FOR MOMS – This is for moms who want to live a healthy lifestyle! We have free challenges each month, based on a different topic or goals. Things like a Ditch The Sugar Challenge, a Miracle Morning Routine, a Keto challenge, a challenge to increase water intake, a mindset challenge, and more. You just need a desire to get healthy and be your best self.

LARGE FAMILY CHRISTIAN MAMAS – This is a group for mamas of large families who want to stick together! We have different struggles and challenges than others and we understand what each other is going through! If you are a mom of lots of littles, or long to be, join us! This group is for support, encouragement, tips and ideas, laughs and friendships!

KETO SIMPLIFIED FOR MOMS– This is a group that does what it says! If you are following a Keto/low carb lifestyle, or you want to, join us for support along the way!