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Hashtags to Up your Instagram Game

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Instagram may easily be my favorite platform. It’s where my community hangs out, and where I enjoy being. If you have been using Instagram for any amount of time, you know that hashtags are a necessity when trying to build your following and create community. Hashtags provide a way for users to easily navigate to topics of interest and find others that they can relate to. There are a variety of ways you can use hashtags and I recommend playing…

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16K Instagram Followers – An Introduction to Instagram

Ladies, I am so excited to introduce our guest today at Just A Simple Home – Emily Crawford, creator of Why Hello Beauty and author of ‘The Social Bloggers Guide | How to grow your beauty blog with Instagram!’ You could call Emily an Instagram expert, with over 16,000 followers. I have been a follower myself for awhile now and I just love her style. Emily graciously offered to be a guest blogger for us when I eagerly asked her…

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