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The 60 Hour Keto Reboot

The Keto Reboot is here and it’s amazing! Have you ever done a cleanse? The Reboot is similar, in that it is a liquid fast for 60 hours (2 full days and the night before and the night after).

The goal of the Reboot is to reprogram your body to burn fat as fuel and preserve muscle at the same time. It is better than a typical cleanse in that it reboots your system into its’ native state to create lasting ketogenic benefits. You do not have to be following a Ketogenic diet in order to reboot your system.

The reboot starts the second Sunday of every month, so everyone can do it together! It’s actually a lot of fun having all that support and motivation.

The Keto Reboot is only available for purchase the week before the Reboot is scheduled to start. Make sure to order your Reboot by the last day of the sale so you can start in time. Of course, you are welcome to start whenever you like, but having a group to do it alongside you makes it so much easier!


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