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Planning For The Unexpected In Your Homeschool

We have been through a lot over these last 10 days, haven’t we? We have created all these plans for our homeschool, from our goals to our schedules to our schoolroom and homemaking.


What happens when things don’t go as planned? Gasp, I know! As a natural planner, it is hard to imagine. But at some point, a child (or six) will fall sick, you may find yourself in the throws of morning sickness, you may face a diagnosis, or that perfect curriculum you chose may not be so perfect anymore….


For a mom, like me, who loves to carefully plan and execute these plans to the fullest degree, unexpected interruptions can really leave you in a state of dismay, feeling as though the whole year is ruined because it didn’t go as ‘planned’. Planning for such interruptions can really make you feel accomplished, regardless of the kind of interruptions.

Planning for the Unexpected in Your Homeschool - 10 Days of Homeschool Planning What happens when your plans go astray? When a child gets sick or the curriculum you chose isn't working? Here are some tips you can use to regroup.




Expect It

Things will happen that you didn’t plan, that is life. I find when I leave margin in my schedule, whether that be homeschool or life, I am less frazzled when my plans are interrupted. I have almost scheduled them in. I may plan 40 weeks of school when they only need 36, or scheduled in daily catch up time when I know they won’t need it. But I keep the margin in there.


Plan For It

Although I do love my schedule, I also plan for those days where we just can’t do it. I have certain activities on hand for those days we need a break or mom isn’t feeling well, or none of my children are “getting it.” Hands on activities are great for these times, depending on the ages of your children. I have educational board games that my children can play by themselves. We have a stack of audiobooks for all ages. I am a big fan of the Magic School Bus show and Planet Earth. Every year, I look for some items that do not require lesson plans or teaching, and I store them away until we need them.



You planned for this, right? So take a breath and grab some more coffee. Sit down with your Bible and throw your hands in the air…in the good way. This was supposed to happen, you just don’t know why yet. And I am going to tell you, your plans will go astray again. Just breathe and pray.


Take a break

I know how painful it can be to put aside your best laid plans, but do it anyway. Put the curriculum away and snuggle up with a good read aloud. Watch some of those animal documentaries, have your children write a story, go out and get some sunshine. Your curriculum will still be there tomorrow, but you won’t have this day with your children again. Embrace it.


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By planning for the expected ‘unexpected’ in life, you can be more relaxed with what is going on with your family and be the wife and mother they need you to be. Letting go of agenda that was planned and allowing for a detour in life will teach your children far more than a book ever can.

This post is part of 10 Days of Homeschool Planning.  I have partnered with 15 other bloggers who are each sharing their own homeschooling tips with you, so be sure and visit them below!


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    Stephanie ReadsWell
    August 29, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    Homeschooling is a tough job with lots of unexpected things. Thanks for sharing these ideas on planning these “unexpected.”

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    March 29, 2019 at 2:20 pm

    informative content and one of the best thing you discussed above is schedule. If you are able to manage your schedule then you can do anything in your life.

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