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My Top 5 Summer Essentials

Summer is here and it is hot! But oh so fun, right? In a way, we are more relaxed in the summer and in another way, we tend to do more. When you are out and about all day, during the hot summer months, you need to remember a few important things to always have on hand. This post is sponsored by Degree Women but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. A FLOPPY HAT- Don’t you love floppy…

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Tips To Make a Family Road Trip Successful

Packing the kids into a car and heading out on a family road trip isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. If not implemented correctly, you can be setting yourself up for hours of whining, fighting, and “are we there yet?” questions. But family road trips don’t have to be chaotic and stressful. With a little bit of planning, you can enjoy the trip as much as the destination. In fact, my family often loads all eight kids into our little bus…

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Simple Solutions to Homeschooling On The Road With Sonlight

Have you ever panicked a bit when you had life throw you a loop? Or when you were planning a family vacation and knew it wasn’t your scheduled homeschool break? Now, of course…part of the beauty of homeschooling is that we can be flexible and change things as needed. I have taken advantage of that countless times over the years! Over this past year, we have moved, lived in a hotel for awhile between houses, and have taken a few…

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Family Travel Destinations on a Budget

The travel bug has bitten our family and bitten hard!  My husband and I used to travel before we had kids, and then even for awhile after we had kids. We used to be big city people and always thought we would raise our family in “the city.” As we added more and more children (and pets) into our family, it got a little bit harder to travel. We have traveled over the years with our kids, at least a…

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